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    Have two new ones to add

    Perfect Puppy in 7 days - dr Sophia Yin
    Not crazy about the title but it's a GREAT book. Reminds me if Dunbars Before and After You Get Your Puppy but is a bit "more".

    Control Unleashed The Puppy Program - Leslie McDevitt

    There is another one I recently read that is a bit more technical and dry, but has a ton of information, especially for neonatal and really young puppies. Would be a great addition especially fo breeders and rescues with litters. It's a bit hard to find, I got it the the clicker training site. It's called Puppy Start Right.


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      I am so excited, I ordered Bones would rain from the sky and Don't shoot the dog!! I just cant wait for the books to arive, but I wont be able to read them as I am busy with my psychology exams so now I still have to wait a month, but I think I am def going to sneak in some reading time


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        Originally posted by chili View Post
        I am so excited, I ordered Bones would rain from the sky and Don't shoot the dog!! I just cant wait for the books to arive, but I wont be able to read them as I am busy with my psychology exams so now I still have to wait a month, but I think I am def going to sneak in some reading time

        Just FYI, Dont Shoot THe dog could be very helpful for your psychology exam


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          Ok wow, then I should start with Don't shoot the dog first Now I am even more excited about reading the books


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            The Other End of the Leash is WONDERFUL. The writing style is enjoyable and entertaining. I read the first few chapters and then started over with a highlighter. HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who owns or works with dogs. My coworkers and clients at my vet clinic have also highly recommended Calming Signals, though I haven't read it myself yet.

            I just ordered Bones Would Rain From the Sky, Don't Shoot the Dog, Reaching the Animal Mind, and The Power of Positive Training based on all the recommendations here and reviews/descriptions on Amazon. I also ordered 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance. It has great reviews on Amazon, and I will post a review here once I read it.

            I adopted my Dane about 6 weeks ago, and she is pretty good with obedience, but there are some specific things I would like to work on with her so if anybody has book recommendations (or any other advice) for any of the following things please let me know!

            -when we see other dogs on walks, sometimes if she isn't allowed to go meet them she will bark and try to pull me toward's not aggressive, but as we all know a Dane bark can be pretty scary to a lot of people, especially when the dog is attached to a person who is the same size as the dog... I have a harness/leash combo that thus far have allowed me to restrain her regardless of the situation, but yesterday my neighbor walked her two dogs by and Emma started barking and lunging and was pulling me towards them successfully until my boyfriend grabbed her leash and pulled her back. My neighbor said she is scared of my dog. I trust that she is 100% socialized, friendly, and submissive to more dominant dogs, and she does great at dog parks and at the vet clinic where I work, but I can't explain that to people over her barking, and I don't want her scaring people, especially my neighbors!

            -I also want to work on her leash manners in general, and on keeping her next to my side at my pace when we run. She tends to get distracted by dogs/people/cars/smells and wants to stop suddenly, which has almost hurt me a couple times. When we run late at night with no distractions she usually does well. It sounds like Control Unleashed could be a good book for this, but I'm having a hard time finding it for a reasonable price..

            Thank you all!
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              control unleashed

              my all time favorite---"Control Unleashed Puppy"
              Lisa Harmon


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                I am about to order Bones, The other end of the leash, and Control unleashed puppy.

                I want to add The Complete Idiot's Guide to Positive Dog Training. Someone bought me this book years ago, and before reading it I was in the old school train of thought for training dogs.


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                  Welcoming Adopted Dogs Into Your Home

                  I remember discussing this but I don't think on a sticky, so I would like to add "Love Has No Age Limit, Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home" by Patricia McConnell and Karen London.
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                    Great Thread- I love training books

                    I read everything I can get my hands on especially on training issues. There are different ways to do things and learning those ways only makes you stronger at what you are trying to accomplish.

                    My latest read is "A Dog Whose Always Welcome" by Lorie Long

                    This book is written by a trainer who does a lot of agility and wanted to know how the trainers of service animals went about setting up the foundation of socialization and basic obedience for their dogs. So Lorie went to see the trainers of service animals to see them in action. This book was very detailed about how to give your puppy/dog the most advantageous socialization possible to face the world as a perfect companion, ready to accompany their handlers/families into any situation.

                    The book is well arranged and and an easy and fun read.

                    Two thumbs up from me


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                      Need help training mom

                      I am getting ready to pick ups new Great Dane she is one year old from the same place I got my 8 month old Casper from . The lady has 9 adult Great Danes and one bit her on ear. She has them all out side in kennels . Now my question is that this Dane is deaf do you know of a book to help me help her to adjust.


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                        Caspers Ghost

                        Training a deaf dog really isn't that much different than training a hearing dog. You need to find what signal your dog will respond to instead of voice/clicker such as hand signals or light flashes. The first thing to teach is for your dog to WATCH you, all the time. If a deaf dog isn't watching you its a little tougher to get their attention.

                        There is a 13 week Australian Shep in my puppy kindergarten class and she's doing very well on hand signals.

                        There are a few references out there as well:

               "Breaking the Sound Barrier"
                        "Living With a Deaf Dog" by Susan Cope Becker

                        Congratulations on your new addition and have fun with the training


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                          So very excited I found this book!

                          Training the Best Dog Ever

                          Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz and Larry Kay

                          Dawn is one of my most favorite trainers! 😁
                          -- Katelyn



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                            So many good suggestions! Another one of my favorites is When Pigs Fly: Training Success with Impossible Dogs by Jane Killion. She is a bull terrier breeder (one of those impossible to train breeds). She has some fun, creative ways to train dogs that may be "differently motivated" I like to say, such as the cheese ball recall. It's also entertaining and if you have a pigs fly do you will laugh.


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                              I never read the book, but watched lots of videos on you tube. Anyway I think the most important thing is that you treat your animal as a part of your family not the just animal. My sons have a two dogs and one of them spend lot of time with the dog and I have to say dog will protect my son even when I starting shouting on my son. He listen to my son. The other son don't take care of his dog at all ( I have to feed him, give him water) and he is not trained at all. When I'm asking him to seat no respond at all. So my opinion is that no book or video will hep you to teach dog to be manageable.