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Puppy Training - Nipping/Bite Inhibition

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    Originally posted by jlegenza
    Like I said, a lot of people won't agree with me and I understand that. All I know is I don't have to keep disciplining my dog in any way or worry about her nipping anyone, because she knows what's expected of her. She gets freedom of the home even no one's home and gets to visit with everyone, small children and other dogs included. That makes everyone, her included, happier. And if I'm misunderstood, let me clarify: I am NOT, and NEVER would suggest hitting a dog (or any animal) enough to actually hurt it!
    Actually if you knew anything about dog behavior, you'd clearly see she's neurotic!!! She's a nervous freaking wreck! Your FB videos indicate possible CCD type behavior. Hitting..whether painful or not...causes fear! If I raised my hand to you...what would you do. Natural response is to cower. And from that point on, you will forever be guessing and cautious of me. Never knowing what to expect, how I'll react, if something you did was actually wrong or if I'm just in a bad mood.
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      I also want to point out...the original thread that started this recent rash of posts is almost three years old so that dog is definitely no longer a puppy.

      Also, the issues that puppy was having were vastly different because of not just the age of the dog when the received it (4 weeks is a crazy young age) but the severity of the issue that seemed to have surpassed normal puppy biting/noping and they needed professional help for sure. A bop/hit or two would in NO way fix that situation at all....would likely cause the child to get severely injured.


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        How do I view the sticky?


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          I have done this with all my puppies and it has worked for me. Anytime they bite or nibble on my hand or fingers I slide them to their throat. This causes a quick gag and they associate putting hands in their mouths with gagging and it stops fast.