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  • Female Danes fighting


    I haven't posted in a very long while but I have a sudden problem. My two female Danes ages 9 and 2 started fighting last night over what seems to be nothing. My girls have always gotten along fine but last night as we got up to take them out before bedtime, the older Dane went after the pup. the pup has a bite on her ear and the old girl a bite on her neck.
    They both seemed very upset by the whole mess and my husband and I were mortified. What could have casued this and will it continue? We have them separated right now but we want to get everything back to normal.

    Thank you, Penny Zambeze and Stella

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    In my experience it will continue. Once they start fighting they just never get along again.


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      I have only 1 female and 2 males so can't help but i'm hoping for you they figure it out! Sending Peaceful Vibes to your house.


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        Hate to tell you this... Experence tells me you will need to keep them seperated here on out...

        Had this happen with a GSD I used to own - My vet bills were horendous.. I had to rehome the one who hated other females... It was a last resort - But she would break out and look for a fight..

        Good luck... Sorry you are having to go thru this..


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          I was dreading this response but knew it to be true in my heart. We'll do what we can to keep them apart. It is such a shame because they are both such wonderful dogs. Does this behavior carryout to the community--meaning I bring my 2 year old to work with me in a nursing home at least once a week for pet therapy. She has always been sweet with people and other dogs. She was not the agressor in the fight but I worry now about how she'll react to other dogs and strangers.


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            It won't be carried out to people but not sure about other dogs.


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              And this is why I have 3 males and only 1 female. They don't call 'em bitches for nothing!
              I've never been in your situation, but its my understanding that once they start fighting, you can manage them, but never totally trust them again. Depending on how good you are about catching the signs before the all out fight, you can manage with just close vigilance. Otherwise, yeah, separation.
              I don't know that this will change anything with your 2year old an therapy. I'd definitely watch her, but its probably just your other dog she'll be weird with from now on.
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                Because the older girl was the instigator in the situation, it might be worthwhile to get a clean bill of health from the vet. The sudden aggression could be a sign of an underlying health problem related to her age.

                Otherwise, it's true...they don't call 'em bitches for nothin'! I can attest to that.
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                  Thank you all so much for the responses. We were very concerned about having two females in the house and our fears have been confirmed.


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                    What appears to be unexplained is usually just too subtle for us humans to detect. Your 2 year old is no longer a puppy. I'm guessing she has started to try to establish her place with the 9 year old. This has probably been escalating over some time. She may have started taking things from the older dog, posturing more, doing less submissive playing. We had a similar problem with two males. It started not long after our female died. We had to keep them separated until one of them had to be put to sleep due to medical issues. We still have the other one and he gets along great with all other dogs (and he's a bully breed). We can take him to the dog park with no worries and we get foster Danes of varying personalities and ages. Right now we have one female, one other male, and a male foster. The female rules over all boys (a little bit of a conflict with the current foster there) and does not like any female fosters we have gotten.

                    If you watch closely, you may find that the older dog is not the instigator. We thought one of the boys (the one that had some aggression issues all along) was instigating the fighting and it turned out it was the other one (the one we still have). With our current foster, he and our female got into a fight during feeding time. I was blaming our female because she's so bossy and vocal. When things settled down and I continued with the feeding I could hear the foster growling very quietly. Dogs see and hear things we don't always catch.
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                      The older girl has been recovering from surgery to remove a benign tumor on her back about 3 weeks ago but the Vet has given her a good bill of health.

                      I have noticed ver the last few days that the older girl has been taking over the pup's bed and going for her food dish. I've been correcting Zambeze and Stella just moves away but, now that I think about it, trouble has been brewing.

                      I'll call the Vet and get Zambeze checked out again--there may be somehting else going on.---Thanks!!


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                        I am also sorry to tell you that this fighting probably will continue, and with the difference in ages the old girl will be the loser in any fight.

                        Doesn't take any one thing to set them off. Some of this behavior can be the younger dog sensing that the other is getting older, and is trying to seize her chance to become "head bitch."

                        I've lived for many years with separating dogs, and it can be tricky. {Altho I'll never live that way again.} Especially if you have kids in the house who just may open the wrong door or gate, and the fight will be on.

                        Sepataing dogs is doable, if you are extra vigilant.


                        Also be careful about getting into the middle of any fight, you can get seriously hurt.


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                          My sister had two female labs that had the same problem. There were horrible fights and big vet bills to get them stitched up when the kids would forget to keep them apart. I will never have a 2 females, it is heartbreaking and hard.
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                            I would definitely have your older girl checked out. Especially if it is totally out of her character to be that way. My guess is that your Princess wants to be the Queen and is testing her ability to dethrone her.

                            Your younger girl is now an adult and may be pushing the old gal's buttons. I would keep them separated (I know it's hard) but I certainly would not want to see any of your girls get hurt. Let your old gal have her throne. The Princess can wait a few years.


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                              Originally posted by Devil Dog View Post
                              Also be careful about getting into the middle of any fight, you can get seriously hurt.

                              True that! My son tried to break up a fight with the GSD's that I had mentioned ... Britta one GSD, needed about 300 stiches, Nancy, the aggressor, needed about 100 stiches...

                              My son was in the hosital overnight - needed about 20 stiches...

                              This is why I keep mostly Males...