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1yr old dane question?

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  • 1yr old dane question?

    I am thinking about puchasing a 1yr old male dane. He is the alpha dog at his home now and i believe this is one of the reasons they are getting rid of him. are there any suggestions or things i need to do or be aware of before coming into this. i will be a first time dane owner.

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    Do you have any other dogs?

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      no other dogs, also training wise is this dog going to be difficult to train?


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        Hard to say. Generally the term alpha is misused as a way of saying a dog that is a bully, dominant and/or out of control and not well-mannered.


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          If he is a bully with his owners, as a first time owner I would pass on this dog. He hasn't even reached maturity and often this behavior worsens in the wrong hands. Many of the dogs we get in foster are fine with one member of the family and dominant with the others.


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            I have talked with the owners they said he listens to her and her husband but tends to think he is above the kids, also he hates cats ( is that something with introduction that can change?) and "beats up on his brother" may 26 he will be one yr...