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Pooping in the house

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  • Pooping in the house

    Magnus is doing an outstanding job with his potty training.

    However now he is going to the door and pooping next to the door. He is not telling me that he needs to go. How should I correct this behavior?

    I had a friend who's lab was doing the same thing and he decided to try the bell method. After the dog was trained to use the bell, he would just ring the bell and then go on the floor.

    Is he too young maybe? He's almost 5 months.

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    He's not too young, but needs to find a signal. The bell can work - what I would do is put his water outside a ways away from the door and the first day it is out there take him out frequently so he understands that it is there. He will create a signal to let you know he needs to drink. When he does, play stupid and ask if he has to potty? Then take him out on a leash let him potty & then have a drink. Feed him near the door that he is going poop at so he understands that this is also part of his den and not to soil it.

    I use this often with training dogs who have no clear signal or understanding that their part includes going outside to potty not just to the door.

    To get him ringing the bell, place a drop of peanut butter on it and when he licks it (dings) get excited, "Let's go potty" and out you go. You will do this frequently the first few days. Understand initially he will be asking to get a drink but soon enough you can bring the water back in when he gets it.


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      Originally posted by jherald02 View Post
      However now he is going to the door and pooping next to the door. He is not telling me that he needs to go. How should I correct this behavior?
      He is telling you he needs to go, he went to the door.

      I would practive sit/wait before you exit the door everytime. That should give you more time to get him outside if he does go to door, sit/wait, then poop. Versus go to door, poop.
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        I had the same trouble with my boy when he was 9 weeks. He would go to the door and wait but our door was around a corner so we couldn't see. We would never see him go to the door or know he's by the door until it was too late (less than 1 min wait) and he's be VERY quiet about it. Other than the door area, he never went anywhere in the house. Instead of doing the signal we put up a gate so he couldn't go to the door anymore. From then on, he'd sit by the gate waiting quietly, but this time we were about to see him every time. Today, his signal is goes back and forth from the gate to either me or my husband but he doesn't do it very often since we take him out every 3-4 hours anyway.


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          With Marlo he put 2 and 2 together that the door knob was the key, so whenever he wants to go out of a room, or go outside, i hear the *tink* of him nudgeing the handle. He does this often at the vet...
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            Scarlett did the same...she would stand at the top of the stairs and if I wasn't around to see her, then it's too bad for me. Out came the mop!

            She still stands at the top of the stairs to alert me, but thankfully she is a bit more patient now and will wait for me to at least put my shoes on.
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