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    My to this point, non-destructive 9 month old pup has a new favorite hobby....eating carpet. She's always loved pulling on strings and such and guess she's found that our carpet is kinda stringy when she gets a place started. Anyway, she's done this in two areas of the house. The first on our stairs when I was in the attic putting away Christmas decorations and then most recently right in the middle of our bedroom while I was in the shower. She does this, of course, when I'm not looking. We have tons of toys, bones, etc. for her entertainment and really hate crating her while we're home, since much of her day is spent in her crate. These are two isolated instances of destructive behavior, so any suggestions on how to "nip" this would be appeciated.


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    Probably your only choice on this one is to crate her. I would suggest putting some Tabasco or something similar on the carpet, but you would have to cover all of it because you never know what area she's going to hit next. I'm having the same issue too with our new puppy, and confinement is my solution. I donít leave him out of my sight for one minute. I use a baby gate to confine him in the same room that I am. If I have to take a shower and donít want to put him in his crate, I bring him with me in the bathroom.


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      We actually had a problem with Chip doing this. We just banned him from carpeted areas unless we were with him. It doesn't hurt him to stay in the kitchen if he can't be trusted anywhere else.


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        You could also set traps for her...make her think mom and dad aren't looking and that she's got the all-clear to shred the carpet, then surprise her
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          Don't have many ideas but I can tell you it is the smell of the glue that she likes. Its the same for shoes. They use glue that smells sweet to dogs. I guess I would say create her until trusted (it can take a while!!)

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            We have a small problem with it as well.. but ours is more of a scratching, not biting/nibbling... Although, we have entirely wood floors, so she does this to the rugs in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway... etc.! I can't find a solution for myself since she can't taste with her feet, but for your problem, you might try "Fooey!" It's a very VERY nasty tasting spray that you can put wherever they chew... (It's made for dogs, and you can spray it on anything including some plants!) I know that you can't put this on every square inch of your floors, but if she tastes that stuff once, I highly doubt she'll take the risk of tasting it again! My fiance told me that it was super bitter, but I had to try it for myself... I got a drop on my finger, scrubbed my hands for about a minute, and lightly touched my finger to my tongue, and I'll tell you what! I've learned my lesson!
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