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My dog yawns CONSTANTLY. Why?

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  • My dog yawns CONSTANTLY. Why?

    I have raised many dogs but I have never encountered a dog that yawns as much as George. He is 6 months old, has no stress and gets plenty of sleep. He yawns as much as 5-6 times in 10 minutes. Is this a Dane thing? Could it be a symptom of something?

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    Tucker has what we like to call the "squeaky yawns" every morning. He does it half a dozen times and then finally decides to get up.
    What Tucker's up to now:


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      According to canine trainer/behaviorist Turid Rugaas, yawning is a calming signal. It can mean anything from the dog attempting to diffuse its own stress, to an appeasement gesture to animals or humans. Or it just may mean he's waking up!

      It's interesting to watch for their yawn when they're nervous in the vet's office, or in noisy/busy environments, or in pressure packed situations like competition. When you notice him beginning to yawn, watch to see what might be triggering it.
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        That is so funny, Winston yawns all the time as well!!! His are noisy too!!


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          Aww, I love the squeaky yawns!

          But that is interesting...yawning as a calming signal.
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            brodie too very long ones, but thats because hes always napping


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              Tender gets the squeaky yawns too, but sometimes he gets carried away. I work nights, and Tender considers me alpha (or he's at least doing a good job of faking it) so every morning when I come home, he comes barreling down the stairs to greet me. I'm sure part of this is he misses me too. Anyway, the very first yawn out of his mouth after he greets me is usually so loud it echoes thru the whole house! Then it's a series of quieter but still vocal yawns.

              That kid... sometimes I think he really is trying to speak...
              My dane is agile enough to climb on people... I bet yours just knocks them over, doesn't it?

              DOESN'T IT!?