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    Aww I hope our cats warm up to Zombie like that. So far they still slink around her. They mostly stay upstairs. Unless Zom is sleeping then they'll creep up to her couch and perhaps sniff a paw if it's hanging off. Zombie really wants to play with them too, but whenever she sees them, she gets too excited and scare them away. Sometimes they hiss and give her a pat on the nose, but she's learning when to back off.


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      Originally posted by Titan_87 View Post
      My cat is an instigator when it comes to my 9 month old dane. Instead of teaching that he can not play with the cat at all, I taught him that he had to be laying down and on her level. He is not allowed to chase or run up to the cat, but if she's laying on the ground he knows he can "crawl" his way to her on his belly. She loves to play with him and will wrestle right back and when she's done, she gets up and walks away.
      I think this is a great idea. Roman has mostly learned that this is the only way he is allowed to play inside! Too much damage can be done when he is standing up and moving, but laying down makes me feel less worried about the valuables in the house!


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        i have a kitten who is the same age as Marlo and they have grown up together, they drink out of the same water bowl, play with the same toys ( yes the big stuffies she drags them around), and he will gnaw on her gently, but the moment he gets to rough she lets out a little claw
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          Thought I'd share a pic of Titan and Remi playing. His tail is wagging everytime she does this. He looooves it. This is from a phone, so sorry about the quality!

          -Classic & Zuma-


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            Originally posted by MichelleTomeucci View Post
            My four month old, Romeo, was allowed to "chew" on the cat that the breeder has...well he has carried that habit here. He is constanly chasing my two cats, pouncing on them, putting his mouth around their necks and bodies. I'm so afraid that one day he's going to hurt one of them. He's not doing it out of aggression whatsoever...just playing but because he's going to be soooo big I don't want him to accidentally hurt one of them. I have tried everything I can think of to get him to stop.

            Any ideas??

            Nobody else has said it, so I feel like I have to. The best way to take care of your dog chasing your cats is.... to get rid of the cats.

            I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. But yeah, like most people have said- work on the drop it/leave it command. Maybe even crate Romeo and bring the cats around the crate so he gets a chance to sniff at them without the chance of pouncing or attacking them. How long have you had him? Perhaps all he needs is a little familiarity with them, because right now they're new to him and if he's anything like Tender, if it's new, it's fair game. Or it could just be that if it's smaller than him, it has the word "Ball" written on it in imaginary dog letters.

            Good luck.
            My dane is agile enough to climb on people... I bet yours just knocks them over, doesn't it?

            DOESN'T IT!?


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              We had the same situation when we brought Chief home to our cat. However, they have learned to get along and "play" in their own way. Our cat is very odd in that she likes to play "hide-and seek" and "fetch." She will run up at full throttle to Chief, stop on a dime, and take off again. If he doesn't chase her, she turns back around and does it all again until he gets up and takes off after her. She likes to hide behind the couch, desks, etc. If he gets bored and goes to sit down, and she's not done with the game yet, she'll run up and "tag" him on the ankle, and take off again, continuing their game. We tried putting a stop to this until we realized, she really likes it when he chases her. When she's had enough, she runs into our room and they go their separate ways.
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