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    Hi All,

    I've posted once before, but I am generally a reader on here rather than a poster.

    I have a question. I have a 2 1/2 year old dane. I walk him twice a day, usually for about a total of a half an hour to an hour. I take him to the dog park probably around 3-4 times a week. On weekends we do hikes off leash for at least an hour and 1/2.

    He never seems to run out of energy while we are out (unless it's hot out). He tends to crash at home, but while we're out he just keeps going and going. I've had Dane people tell me they've never seen a dane run like that or with that much energy. He literally will just start sprinting in circles around the dog park. The only other dogs I've seen do the same thing for so long at the park are Greyhounds.

    My question is this:
    What is the energy level of other people's dane's? I'm not complaining at all, I LOVE his energy level, but just curious because I definitely did not expect this much energy past the 2 year mark.
    **Lindsey and Zinn**

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    I dont have a dane, but I think every dog will be different no matter what breed. You seem to be an active mom/dad so I think this may have an affect on how active your dane will be also, esp if started from a younger age going out on hikes, long walks..etc..

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      I have a 2 year old female, and a 4 year old male. They never get tired while we're out (at a park with lots of other dogs, hiking, to the beach...etc.). They can run for well over an hour non-stop, and walk for over 2 hours (I do bring lots of water, they get thirsty). Then when we get home from any activity, they usually sleep the rest of the day!


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        lol* Giovanni's only 5 mths so he can't do a ton. But.... he sleeps ALL day. When we take him out for a walk, a 5-10 min one will be more than enough. At the dog park, after 20 min of running, he laid in the snow ready for a nap. He'll have his zoomies a few times a week and they last maybe 2 minutes. Then he crashes on his bed. We don't push him. When he's tired we let him rest, but when he's up and ready to go, we'll go out and do something.


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          These are my experiences, and nothing more-

          Activity level can be only predicted by breed.
          Individual dogs may be typical or not.
          My guys are NEVER tired after walking.
          Maybe if they are onleash all day and missed their naps, maybe. Even then I suspect its mental exhaustion.
          Because we bicycle with our dogs I know who can do what and get tired. To be TRULY physically spent our Dane was up to 2 1/4 miles at a decent trot last summer by his second birthday with no ill effects.
          His fatigue is shown by a sagging topline and then we start the slow slow ride home with him at a slow walk while I coast slowly on the bike. He would probably trot home if I let him but I am a firm believer in warm up and cool downs.

          He is filling out slowly and I hope after neutering (next couple of months) he will find shorter rides as relaxing as he does the long ones since for him, the rides are not really about keeping fit since we do lots of other stuff.

          Something that may help (that we also do alot) is finding a BIG steep conditioning hill and play fetch and recal games there. It puts more excercise into play. (It about kills the humans involved though!!! haha We did that last week in the snow and I was dyin!)

          I have used the analogy before that many humans can dance all night, but not run for twenty minutes. Dancing can be as strenuous but frequent breaks make it much easier.
          My dogs are the same way. I have dogs that can romp in the woods for a six mile hike (run/stop/run/stop) and be exhausted after 20 minutes of of slow jogging without a break.

          So excercise is less about how far or often than pace OR level of effort (like the conditioning hill).

          PS- I have owned exactly ONE dog that would excercise itself in the yard. My guys will sit at the door waiting for a human to think of something to do. I envy owners of dogs that will circles in the yard alone until they are tired. I had one once. A nutty little rescue dog. He did laps until he was ready to drop while I sipped coffee. It was a very cool thing! LOL


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            Darwin's breeder called him a couch potato. We estimate that he sleeps about 18 hours a day. He really only moves around for his 2 walks (about a mile each currently). The rest of the time he lies down and watches us (sometimes I think holding his head up is a major effort for him lol!) He is currently 5.5 years old and has been like this since he was 2 years old. Before he was 2, he got the zoomies a bit more but he also slept 20 hours a day!


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              Tiernan sleeps most of his life away. Before we got Maia he was alot lazier than he is now, but he is still happy to sleep about 18 hours a day and he's not even a year. He's always been VERY laid back and if we get him out to the park or for a walk 3 times a week, he's good. Maia is a different story, but that's the lab in her that keeps active and she hardly slows down no matter how much exercise we give her.
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                Same story with my Dane (19 months) and Boxer (2 1/2 years). If I just had the Dane, he'd be content to lay on the couch 85% of the time, but having the Boxer causes him to get a little crazy sometimes and need more exercise.
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                  My 6yr old, Venus, will get visibly tired after a long walk or excitement (think petsmart). My 3.5 yr old, Isis, never runs out of energy, she is always ready for more. This summer Isis' pads sloughed off due to probably hot pavement, but I didn't know it until we got home because she was still ready for more. I would say it is the age, but Venus has been like that since I got her at 2yrs. I do think it is more a breed thing, but also an individual dog thing. People always comment on how calm my danes are, even though I know they are excited, I'm sure they are people who are used to being around terriers . Even though Isis can go-go-go she is still a couch potato in the house. Venus also has terrible structure and moves more stiffly than Isis and I think it just takes more energy for her to do the same things.
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                    This is a really interesting thread to me. I've been wondering if my girl (16 months) was "average" or not. It seems that there's no real average...

                    She gets two 1 1/2-mile walks every day and at least one half day of doggie day camp each week. She also gets outings to the dog park on occassion and hikes on trails in nice weather. But MOST of the time she is the typical couch potato.

                    Most people talk about how their dogs get soooooo excited when its time to go on a walk. My girl doesn't. She doesn't hate it, but she doesn't beg for it or go nuts when its time to go either. Also, she walks along pretty pokey, and ususally just behind me verses on my side. Once we get home, she usually likes to have a case of the zoomies in the front yard prior to going inside. Go figure.
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                      Desi is on alert all of the time and takes little cat naps throughout the day. I have never seen her not ready for activity. It may be the lab in her. Murray likes to go places, bark at cows, play in the backyard 30 minutes max, he makes it two blocks and wants to turn back home... right now he is passed out on the bed 18-20 hours a day sleeping. He has a really low activity level. Murray looks like an athlete and Desi is a little chunky, go figure.

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                        Interesting thread. Capone is just over a year, and most people comment on his high energy. At home, he is a total couch potato. If he is around another dog, he will NOT stop playing no matter how exhausted he is. He goes to doggy daycare 2x a week, and in good weather we walk 2 miles a day. The walks never seem to tire him out, but he is totally pooped after doggy daycare. He does get tired after we play fetch in the yard for 10-15 mins or so. This is my first dane, and I have to say I'm surprised by how much energy he has and how much exercise he needs. I have to keep reminding myself that he is only 1 year old.
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