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New puppy/older Dane interaction question

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  • New puppy/older Dane interaction question

    Hi all - I haven't been online in ages. Spike is now 6 1/2 and is doing great. We lost our JRT two years ago at the ripe old age of 17, and felt ready to add to the family again. This is Ozzy. He's 8.5 weeks and has only been home since Saturday (we won't count Friday night since he had an 11 hour drive that day).

    The first two days were awful. I forgot how much puppies can shriek! Everyone's nerves were shot, including Spike's. He wanted nothing to do with the puppy, but wanted to constantly supervise too. Spike tried to resource guard me a bit (one of his old issues), but I was able to redirect him. The puppy has been leashed around Spike all the time, but Spike is slowing getting used to him. He waits at the top of the stairs when the puppy comes in from a walk. Lets him pass and sniffs him. He even let the puppy sniff his feet yesterday. This morning I got up with the puppy at 3:30a, got him walked, fed, let him play a bit and put him back in his crate. Then I let Spike out of his room upstairs and he joined us, supervising from the couch while I let the puppy out on his leash.Spike had some vocalizations that I've never heard. They weren't growls, his growls have a rolling bass. It was more like an extended heavy exhalation, and his body language is relaxed. The puppy was being a little a**, biting and nipping at me and just being a noisy puppy. I'm wondering if Spike wanted to get in there and play sheriff, let the puppy know how it's done here. But I was honestly a little afraid to give him permission.

    Am I being too helicopter mom? Does this behavior seem normal to you? Spike is an anxious boy, but he's always loved other dogs, especially puppies. And I would have said that he would never hurt the puppy, but he was VERY pissed off the first day or so when the puppy's shrieking had us all at the edge of psychosis.

    Thanks for any help or advice you all have! It's great to be back in the DOL community.
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