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The 2 year blessing

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  • The 2 year blessing

    This week our Lily turned 2. It really is a marker in her life. I remember reading here and talking to Dane owners, that getting to the 2 year point would be the hardest thing to keeping your patience. I have posted about her zoomies, her biting, her potty habits, her barking and especially her lunging on walks. Like most Danes, I think, training her has had easy tasks and harder habits to problem solve. Through it all though, she has been the most wonderful and loving dog I have ever had. I have had many. I could go on and on about these past two years, but the main thing I want to relate to any of you who are new to Danes or struggling with many issues is... as you approach the 2 year old mark, it almost seems as though you have a new dog. Lily has grown through all of her bad habits. She does still have a very loud bark, but even that is predictable since she really only barks when protecting her domain...and us too, I think. I used to worry about her social skills in those earlier times. With consistent walks in a variety of places, even that has come around. What I love most about her is her loving nature to us. She is, as they say, a velcro companion. I cherish her loving ways and do so knowing her time with us will never be long enough. Would that they could be blessed with a longer life span. I can see the lingering painful loss those I have talked to share as they comment about Lily and their Dane.

    She just woke up from her nap on the couch and came over to me putting her head on my knee. Now that is love. She wants some cuddle time I think.

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    The key is consistency, persistence and patience. Danes are smart dogs and highly trainable.
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