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Eating Her Poop :(

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  • Eating Her Poop :(

    I have a 5 month old great dane pup who about 2 weeks ago started eating her poop. We recently switched her to Fromm large breed puppy and that's about the same time she started showing interest in her poop. She was on TOTW pacific stream puppy and we had no issues. I was just told Fromm is WAY better and obviously want the best for my pup like we all do. She is 100% switched over and I guess I don't want to believe it's her food but is it?

    I pick her poop up immediately but some times I can't get to faster than she can turn around. I'm going to try pineapple next and get cayenne pepper. But any other suggestions? I read that it is a fairly common behavior, especially in 5 month old pups.

    Just freaking G-R-O-S-S

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    It is not an unusual thing for dogs/puppies to eat poop. Most will at one time or another.. Did you do a slow switch or did you switch quickly?
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