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  • Cleaning or Not?

    My question is how often the dog must be cleaned. The thing is that I order cleaning company service once in a couple of month to do the perfect house, but it is not enough because of my dog mud. I bath it rather often, as it is not too big. But the legs are cleaned every day and even several ones sometimes. So I can't understand, if the quality of service is not too good or I need to do anything with Maxton.

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    Cleaning feet when coming in during muddy seasons or wet seasons, daily brushing with a zoom groom is really all that is needed ..An occasional bath once or twice a year should be all that is needed unless you are showing your dog or it rolls in something smelly or dirty.
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      Thanks a lot for such advice! They were very helpful to me. After all these procedures the best variant is to ask guys to remove all the cleaning results. And I am satisfied with the result greatly.
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        Depending on where you live itís important to wipe down the feet in winter if streets and sidewalks are salted.