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8 month old dane- play biting husband

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  • 8 month old dane- play biting husband

    I'm looking for some advice on my 8 month old great dane Tolly who gets overly aggressive in play when hes alone with my husband. We've had him since 8 weeks and he's predominantly with me and the kids through the day. My husband works long hours and so only really spends time with him in the evenings and at weekends. The issue he's having is that when they're alone, particularly when out on walks or in the yard, that Tolly will try to rough play him. This will not be initiated with play or by anythign specific that my husband does, Tolly will randomly start barking and then jumping up and biting. He's tried the usual technique of a firm ''No'' and turning his back and walking away but Tolly just chases him and tries to bite him again, sometimes very hard. He then will avoid being caught and put on the leash and will just run round and round my husband repeatedly trying to bite him. It all seems to be play driven as his tail is wagging but nothing seems to distract him out of it. This has been going on around 2 months now and is preventing my husband spending anytime outside alone with him and I think is having a detrimental affect on their relationship.
    I am his main trainer and he's been to obedience classes and is coming along well otherwise. He gets 1- 1.5 hours of exercise daily and otherwise is happy and contented. In the past he has occasionally done this with me but I seemed more able to snap him out of it with a ''No'', back turning and distraction and he hasnt done it with me for several weeks now. Im struggling to think of sensible suggestions to help my husband out and also interested to know others thoughts on what might be the psychology behind it.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    He doesn't see your husband as a leader... "No" is a very generic term and really has no meaning to a dog..Your husband needs to follow to the letter the exact same training techniques that are being taught in the obedience class.. He also needs to keep the dog on a longline or leash when he is out with him so he can enforce commands.. Your husband needs to be firm and calm.. Dogs do what works for them.... behavior is reward driven... Your dog is being "rewarded" for the bad behavior and the behavior is working for him.. Consistency, persistence, patience... when the dog acts up then all interaction, fun, etc ceases not just from your husband but from everyone... when he is being well mannered plenty of praise and great, awesome treats that ONLY your husband gives are given... It is not unusual for a dog of any breed/mix to have a member of the family that they don't respect or see in the leader category.. his mind needs to be changed.. when your husband is home he feeds the dog, he interacts the most, he enforces the trainings and good behavior.. Ignoring/turning away etc if being used needs to be done each and every time...and because the bad behavior is ingrained it will take a while for it to cease..
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