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Rescued year old Great Dane.. he doesn't sleep!

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  • Rescued year old Great Dane.. he doesn't sleep!

    We adopted a year old Great Dane, 14 months old now. His name is Dirk and we are completely smitten. He is learning commands such as sit, stay, off, heel, and come. He is well mannered but can be very excitable, which I presume is normal at his age and considering he wasn't socialized a lot in his previous home. Our question is about sleep. He sleeps in his crate because he isn't well mannered enough yet to be free in the house. Our challenge is he goes to his crate around 10pm and wants to get up around 4:45am or 5:00am (which is when I get up for work). I let him out to go to the bathroom but he immediately wants to frolic and play - which means my husband has to get up at 5am so I can get ready for work. He is the same on the weekends even though we don't get up that early. We let him "whine it out" one day last week and he went for two hours and it was time for my husband to get up. Will he slow down and sleep more? He walks a couple miles a day with either my husband or myself. He is crated during the day but we have someone come walk him mid-day as well. Suggestions? We thought about hiring a trainer at some point to help with behavior so he could be out of his crate at night - right now he would jump in bed with us and tromple us (130 pounds, which is more than I weigh lol). We need encouragement that he will slow down or advice on how to find balance. Thank you!

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    congrats on your new addition!! he's still a puppy so yes, it'll slow down but not for a while. if you haven't already tried, see if he will settle back down in his crate if you give him something to occupy his time. probably the safest thing would be a big ole kong stuffed with peanut butter and frozen. it'll keep him busy for quite a while and may even tire him enough for him to go back to sleep for a bit.

    you could also try throwing a cover over his crate leaving just the front exposed. all of my danes are seniors or close to it (6, 8, 10.5 and 12.5) so i don't have any experience with a dane puppy.


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      adjusting to you, his new routine and learning what behaviors he needs.. don't give in to his whining/barking when he is in the crate.. yes it may take a few days and may be frustrating but he will learn.. A trainer is not going to be of any help when it comes to him being trustworthy out of his crate.. that is going ot come with time and maturity.. how much time depends on each dog..some it is a very short time others are 2 years or more some are lifers... Mental and physical stimulation is of utmost importance and you also need to take him to some good obedience classes..
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        Thank you so much for your posts! We tried some of the suggestions (even those we had tried before because Dirk is older and more accustomed to our home now) and we have had some success. We have sleep sounds playing near his crate now so sounds don't easily wake him up. His crate has always been covered so that was already in place. When he wakes up we take him out and he goes potty and right back to his crate, regardless of his want to play. He has gone back to sleep fairly quick so far. We slept until almost 7am this morning! Thank you!


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          ahhhh, the sweet smell of success!!