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Sleep running advice?

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  • Sleep running advice?

    Hi, all!

    I'm new here, but I've checked in on a few topics here and there before. Super helpful!

    A few years ago, this topic was already brought up but I wanted to see if any one had any other solutions or updates... My dane, Paul, is an *excessive* sleep runner. He can lay down for 5 minutes, be in an instant slumber, and start ferociously galloping. He has torn up so many dog beds from this. So many dog beds. I've also tried to keep him away from my bed (so he doesn't kick it at night) and away from any walls... but his body shifted during his run the other week, and he managed to kick a hole in the wall. He's been a part of the family for 5 years, so this isn't anything new. I'm just nervous that he might hurt his feet or legs during his side-bucking.

    Does any one know if there are any vitamins or solutions that may help to relax him, just a little? I don't believe exercise is the issue, even though he's definitely having some active dreams. I think he might be chasing squirrels. Let me know what you all think!

    Also! Would any one happen to have any recommendations on durable dog beds? Right now, I'm looking at this option:

    Doesn't seem too comfortable, but maybe with a pillow mat on top?


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    i feel your pain! my jorah, at 180#, thinks he's running with the bulls in pamplona! i swear, my whole house shakes when he kicks the wall. thankfully, he's only scratched up the wallpaper a bit. no holes in the walls...yet!

    i don't know of any way to solve this problem. but if you're looking for a really sturdy and verrrry comfy bed, check these out...

    these beds are reasonably priced and hold up amazingly well! i've had 3 of them for many, many years and they are still like new. i tried a karunda bed when i had my first dane. she didn't want any part of it. i've heard the same from other dane owners so i think it's a crapshoot. many dogs do fine with them but some just don't. the mattresses are 4" memory foam and as you can see, the dogs barely make a dent when they lay on them. i throw some blankets over the top because all 4 of my danes loves to scratch around and make a nest. LOL



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      My Piper does the same thing.
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        My first Dane, Fletcher, would sleep run so bad he would kick walls and bloody his legs! I bought leg wraps, the kind you use for horses, and would wrap him when he slept. He wasn't crazy about it, and it worked so-so. My current oldest, Gelsi, is very closely related to Fletcher so I've mentally been preparing for the same types of issues. She sleeps with me, whereas Fletcher preferred his man-cave. So what I do is I have Gelsi on top of the covers, then I get under the covers and make sure to be UNDER, not next to, her legs. That way when she kicks it's all just kind of on top of me rather than surprise kidney punches. So far it works but her sleep dreams are still very mild. Hopefully they'll stay that way! Can you encourage him to just sleep with you or on a couch? Might be safest in the long run!