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Frequent urination, but not in crate.

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  • Frequent urination, but not in crate.

    My year old male Dane urinates several times when outside instead of once. He never has accidents when in his crate overnight, but will have accidents when out of his crate in the house. I'm concerned about the multiple urination when outside and hope it doesn't suggest an illness.He had a recent stay at a boarder who commented that he peed several times in his room. Feedback is welcome. Thanks!

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    first thing you need to do is get him (or some of his urine) to the vet to have him checked for a UTI. if there's no infection, you need to start with housebreaking 101. a good way is to tether him to you whenever he is out of his crate so he doesn't have a chance to wander off to potty somewhere. take him out often, and praise him till the cows come home when he pottys outside.