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  • Poop & Pee solved!

    Peeing and pooping inside was a big question and problem for several months as our, now 9 month old, Lily became our 2nd dog. Princess (I know, who names their dog Princess) was our concern. She is a 4 year old Yorkie. We were, and still are, most worried about her safety as Lily exploded in size and power as they interacted. That part is getting much better and so is the P & P. Princess had already established the Pee Pads as her source of relief. No problem. Now Lily came in and figured those were for her too. For a while, a short while, it worked as she too used them regularly. Notice I did not say always. So we had to figure out a way for Lily to learn that she had separate facilities...outside. Over a rather short time we have come to about a 90% outside usage. Only if I don't pay attention to her signals, does she have an accident. I wouldn't call them accidents; more like,'Hey you, do you not see me dancing?' I am very fortunate in that I am retired now for about 4 months. I have all the time needed to train and pay attention to her needs. I learned after several tries, that she goes when she wakes up, twice in the early hours each morning, about half an hour after eating, mid afternoon, always shortly after a long walk and before bedtime. Like clockwork. Here is the secret to my success. I started going outside with her when I saw the dance. There is always a dance...always. Gotta watch for it. We go out, I stand in a central area where I can see her as she goes through the motions of wiggling, running and faking she is ready. Finally, and I do me finally, she usually pees first in her favorite spots and then and only then, she circles and circles into her stance. There it is! After sometimes a very long wait ( I learned to take my phone so I could stay abreast of the news) the magic pile. RIGHT AWAY...RIGHT AWAY, I highly praise her for the wonderful dog she is and we immediately head for the door. She beats me to the pantry where the gravy flavored dog biscuits are. I smile big and say, 'Do you want a treat?' ' Of course you dummy. Why would I do all this if I didn't want a treat.' she wiggles. I make her sit and she explodes into my palm to retrieve the prize. NO MORE P & P inside. She has learned and so have I, that a treat awaits if she lets Princess have the pads and she goes outside. Bonus feature...I'm buying fewer pads these days. So expensive, especially when Lily began chewing them up as soon as I put a fresh one down. Princess has her special place and the pads are safe there for her use only. Problem solved! I really believe that just sending her out side without my going with her and right away giving her the treats, it would not have worked. Patience....lots of patience. Those piles were getting very big. Easy to pick up, I'll admit, but very big.

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    Yes, going outside with your dog instead of simply putting them out is what is recommended when house training as is giving treats for a job well done. Glad things are coming together for you
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      i've never raised a dane puppy but i did raise a couple of siberian husky puppies many years ago. i went out with them each time and when they did their business, i jumped up and down, sang a happy song, did a happy dance and hoped the neighbors didn't think i had gone completely bonkers. i once had a trainer tell me that if you don't look like a complete and utter fool when housebreaking, you aren't doing it right. i was a stay at home mom so it was easy for me to watch them. i can honestly say, i can count on one hand the times there were accidents in the house and it was pretty much always my fault for not watching close enough!


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        Exactly! I'm a long haired hippy at 70. She wants to go out at 5AM and my hair looks like Gene Wilder's on a bad day. I have my rainbow robe on (my wife thought it was cool, bought it on Etsy) and I too look like a crazy person exhorting her to poop and pee as my neighbors leave for work. Oh well, they should be so lucky to have a Dane.


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          hahaha!!!! i am SO thankful i don't have neighbors. living in the middle of nowhere can have 1 or 2 downsides but if i lived in town, somebody woulda thrown a net over me a LOOOONG time ago!