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Great Dane started attacking other dog in home at age 3

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  • Great Dane started attacking other dog in home at age 3

    Please help, My Dane has started attacking my other dog in the home, they had previously been fine and now he will stare at him and give a very low growl that I can only just hear then straight into attack which caused my other dog to have to go into surgery to be stitched up on his neck. I am so torn at what I should do as I love him so much. If you have dealt with this please let me know your experience.
    Thank you

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    How old are they? Are they spay/neutered? any changes in household/routine?
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      My experience is that my Dane killed my JRT with one bite. I recommend keeping them separate until you figure it out. You may need a behaviorist to evaluate them in the home to see what the problem is. Hard to diagnose on a forum.
      ~ Lisa & Rupert