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  • Halty help please...

    I have been using the Halty lead for about 6 weeks now and from the very start the lunging stopped and is under control. HOWEVER, what has taken its place is her displeasure with it on. Now, although walks no longer have the lunging, she either fights against it on her nose or can't stop sniffing as we go. Pulling back on the Halty does not affect that desire. Or, maybe she is using the sniffing, knowing I can't stop her dropping her head, which the Halty has no affect. I like not having the lunging as it was very hard to control. Now, though if I don't use the Halty...the lunging returns. Any suggestions?

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    when you got the halti, did you put it on her and go right out for a walk? IF you did, that's most likely why she is fighting it. go back to step 1...put it on her and just let her wear it for a couple of hours. take it off, do the same thing later in the day and again for the next 2-3 days until she isn't paying any attention to it. once you get to that point, put it on her, attach the leash and let her drag it around once in a while, again for a couple of days. start over with very short walks until she understands what you want of her.

    as for the sniffing, it's what dogs do but yeah, it's annoying. teach her the "watch me" command and take lots of yummy high value treats with you. when she looks like she wants to sniff, give the "watch me" command and as soon as she looks at you, treat her and keep moving. she'll get it eventually, it just takes time and patience!


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      Actually, I was so excited when the Halti got here that I did put it on her right away and take her for a spin. It really worked great the first few times, then is when she started to give me the stink eye. I should have slowed it bad. I do take good treats and I will watch for the sniffing to get her attention. She is my first Dane and a real handful, but so loving and sweet...when she wants to be. Thanks for the tip.