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    I have a 3 month old Dane. This morning while I was emptying the dishwasher, she was sniffing around as usual. But then somehow, her collar got caught on the lower level cart and she started flipping out (understandably). She was screaming and flailing while I tried to help her. I finally got it off and she went and hid, shaking. I noticed she had pooped and peed a bit, in response. I gently coaxed her out with treats after cleaning up. I pet her and then set treats out by the dishwasher and in the kitchen so she wouldn't continue to be scared of that area. She paced and whimpered around for about ten minutes. I took her outside for a few and then she came back in, paced some more, and finally laid down by me to nap. I'm worried about her anxiety. I dont want her to become nervous or fearful. Am I handling this ok?

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    yup, just keep doing what you're doing with the treats and eventually, maybe put the front door of the dishwasher down and place treats there for her. you don't want to "flood" her by forcing anything. stop before you get to her threshold so she won't experience any anxiety.

    i know collars are necessary but i hate seeing dogs wearing them all the time just because of instances like this happening. it's especially unnerving for me to see photos or videos of dogs playing together wearing collars. it's SO easy for a lower jaw to get caught on a collar and this can be extremely dangerous. i guess what i'm trying to say is leave the collar off unless you are going outside or taking your pup away from home. or if you must have something on her, a harness would be less likely to get caught on things.