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I need advice anxious and hyper

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  • I need advice anxious and hyper

    I have a two year old Great Dane that I love dearly, however he has extreme anxiety issues. I used to be able to walk him all over and then one day it changed and he started to flip around on his leash when we went somewhere different (I can still walk him out of my home and to my car with no issue.) He also falls apart if heís left alone, I work from home so itís not that big of a deal, but itíd be nice to leave him alone for short periods of time.Tomorrow I am going out of town and taking him and my other two dogs with me, does anyone have any advice or tips for a anxious Great Dane? I did get him CBD oil that seems to help a bit, but Iíd really love some suggestions.

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    Unfortunately many dogs develop anxiety when their people work from home or are stay at home... they never learn to be by themselves.. they never got conditioned for it.. I would recommend that you enlist the help of a good trainer and also get into some good group obedience classes. Both can be very helpful for both of your situations.
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      Thanks for the input. My other two are English Mastiffs and are perfectly fine when I leave, but my Great Dane falls apart. I actually had to cancel my trip tonight because he was a nervous wreck and I was worried he would bloat. Iím afraid he needs medication from the vet which I really donít want to do, but itís for his best interest


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        I would absolutely discuss his anxiety with the vet. If it will make his life more stress free, as well as your own, then medication would he the best route to go. I would also look for a behavioral specialist to help you work with him while he is on the medication. The meds would allow him to learn and absorb everything you're teaching him. Without it, he is so stressed that his mental capacity is pretty much zero and he will never gain anything from the training.
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