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  • Help Please! Food Throwing...

    First, to explain our k9 dynamic. We have a 17 year old Chihuahua (Tatorbug) with no teeth who was alpha when we got our boy (Duke). Tatorbug has to eat soft dog food mixed with water. We also have a 16 year old female (Lucy) who is now alpha and eats a soft type of hard food.
    Duke has developed a habit of nosing at his food, throwing it out of the bowl until he dumps it on the floor while whining loudly.
    If I add water from an empty can of Tatorbug's food (water has just been poured from the can, no actual food in it) and stir it like I do Tatorbug's, he will eat the wet food and leave any that isn't wet.
    I have changed his food and it didn't help. I've tried changing his feeding location. Went from free feeding to only feeding once a day. Moved his food location away from the others. Nothing has helped. I would greatly appreciate any help and advice.
    The link is a video of some of the behavior. This isn't where his food is normally located but he does it (plus the whining) no matter where his food is.
    Any help to modify this behavior would be great!

    If the link doesn't come up, the channel name is Crafty Zoo. Idk why it didn't work!
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    the link to the video doesn't work, why not just go ahead and moisten his food, too? also, maybe have his teeth checked for any issues like a sore tooth that could be bothering him if he tries to chew hard kibble.


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      Feed twice daily not just once...a Dane should not have 1 big meal per day.. Keep him on his same food as long as it is good quality..Add a bit of warm water or broth just before feeding, stir it so all pieces are moistened..It is also fine to add some canned food to his food as well. Other good toppers..lean meats, egg, shredded cheese, plain yogurt.. It is actually good not to feed a totally dry food... per the bloat studies it is unwise to feed only dry kibble.
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        I think I fixed the link.

        We typically do free feeding. I've started adding warm water to his food, as well as the 50/50 mix of honey and acv. It's helped a lot!

        Do you mean raw meats and eggs? Just want to be clear. I have added a raw egg in the past and he liked it.

        l am guessing it's not his teeth as he shows down on his very hard bone a lot! But I will def get it looked at!

        thank you both for your help!