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  • Biting

    Hi , Iíve got a 15 month old Dane boy! Love him! But he bites ALOT! I also have a yorkie and he wonít stop trying to eat her! He tries to put her in his mouth and shake her like a toy
    mine tried sitting with them both and showing him to be nice but no matter the treats or anything he wants to attack her
    she fights back sometimes but heís huge! He also bites feet and hands and rips my kids clothes from jumping on them and biting them I just donít know how to make him stop

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    He needs to be taught some manners and boundaries. Has he had any formal training? How much exercise does he get? Excess energy can manifest itself in some very unpleasant ways. Does his biting see aggressive or like he is trying to play and isn't quite sure how? Is he good with other dogs, does he try to bite strangers? Is it random, or only when he gets excited? Has he ever broken skin?
    ~Kelsey, mom to~
    Kumah-merle Great Dane 4 years
    Nala-fawn Great Dane 2 months
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      all good questions! another question i have is how old was he when you brought him home? if he was under 8-10 weeks, he may not have learned bite inhibition from his mom and litter mates.


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        He was 7 weeks old
        I breed yorkies and he was around my puppies and female yorkie for the first two weeks of being with us and my female got at him a lot for things
        he had not drawn blood and he acts like heís playing but just never stops
        he now wonít leave my female alone and thinks it fun to grab onto her and play rough so I have to separate them now too
        seems he gets a little better and then heís ten times worse the next day with peeing and biting
        heís just not learning and I canít find a training place around me that would be able to work with him


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          ok, just take a deep breath, you sound very overwhelmed. it's back to basics with the potty training. you will either need to crate him when you can't keep your eyes on him 100% of the time OR you can tether him to you so that he can't get far enough away to potty and then take him out every 30 minutes to an hour. at his age, he should be able to hold it that long, at least! when you take him out, he needs to be on leash. pottying and playing are not to be mixed. on leash, out to potty. take him to the spot you want him to use and stand there with him till he does it. when he does, you praise him like you've gone completely over the edge. you can't praise TOO much when you're potty training! only then turn him loose, assuming you have a fenced yard or have complete control and let him play. no potty, no play, just back inside till it's time to go out again.

          as for the biting, he needs to be redirected. keep toys handy that you can give him when he does this. pick a spot in a quiet corner and give him a bed. teach him a command for that, "bed", "place", whatever word you choose. he needs to be taught to lay quietly and chew on his toy instead of chewing on you. you don't say how old your kids are but if they are young and boisterous, they may be getting him ramped up just with their own play. lots of shouting and running around (i know this, i have a 2 year old grandson that wears me out!) can keep a puppy or young adult dog sort of on edge or just crazy.

          as for the yorkie, you MUST keep them separated until the dane learns to settle down. this is a tragedy waiting to happen. at 15 months, your dane is probably well over 100#. what might seem playful can, in a nano-second, turn to disaster. one bite just ONE bite could and probably would be fatal to your little dog.


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            Thanks for the advice
            heís only 4 months old and is 60 lbs . My kids are all 15 and older and they donít rough house with him at all . Iím taking him to puppy school starting Thursday
            hes gotten better with peeing except he keeps doing the excited pee whenever my boys pet him .. he never does it with me or my husband . Iíve got books Iím reading too to see if I can learn more and do more
            Iíll try all that youíve suggested as well