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Adult Training/CGC Evaluation Age?

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  • Adult Training/CGC Evaluation Age?

    We took our new boy home back in November and promptly enrolled him in training classes at our local Petco store. Our trainer is great and we're making amazing progress with the basics. I constantly have people telling me how good he is for his age. We have 3 weeks left in "Puppy 2", which will put him at just over 5 months old when we start "Adult 2", which lasts 6 weeks. CGC is the final course and then we will have him evaluated for CGC cert.

    My question is, should we wait a month or two and take a break after adult 2 before starting CGC class? I just feel like 6-7 months is so young for a Dane and while his training is going well, he is still very much a puppy. You can train a dog all day long, but at the end of the day their instincts still come into play and maturity means a lot in terms of distractions, behavior, etc.

    Just looking to see what age others' pups have been when taking their CGC test.

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    As a trainer, an AKC CGC evaluator and a long time Dane owner there is no reason not to keep on with training ..Usually around this age they start going through the teen phase so stepping up and continuing training is a good idea.. I've taken most of my Danes for CGC testing around the 7-8 month range.. I evaluate dogs anywhere from 6 months on.
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      Hmm...That's interesting, because my trainer is telling me he would need to be at least a year old to even test. I guess I'll need to look into this. Thank you for your input!