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  • Obsessive Poo Eating

    I am at my wits end.

    My 5 month old Dane puppy started eating poo about 4-5 weeks ago. It has not become an obsessive habit. She will eat any poo she can find. The dog park is like and open buffet.
    She has not got sick a few times (vomit + diarrhea). Oh, and she is even eating the diarrhea.

    I clean up the yard daily, but she is now to the point where she will poop, then turn around and eat it.

    I am very concerned for her health and well being. She is currently fed Raw, but we are thinking about trying to switch her to kibble.

    My wife and I are so stressed out about this. Any help is appreciated.

    The vet bills are getting out of control.

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    This is normal dog behavior ..some are worse then others and it is very common in puppies. Best thing is to clean up poop immediately...Changing to kibble will not change the behavior. I wouldn't change from raw to kibble since a well done raw diet is far healthier then a commercial processed kibble. For eating her own poop add unsweetened pineapple to her diet.. There are also commercial products.. Frorbid, Distaste .. I would keep her away from dog parks since they are a mecca for parasites and illness (even for dogs that don't eat poop) .. There is really no reason for vet visits because she is a poop eater... Clean up immediately, add a deterant to her food, stay away from dog parks, if you catch her eating poop distract her, keep her wormed every 2-3 weeks...
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