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Regressive biting and aggression

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  • Regressive biting and aggression

    Ok so I'd posted a reply to a topic but I'd like more exposure and as much advise as possible. I picked up my Butch baby at 6 wks when he was 12#. I got him neutered at 16 weeks--which I've heard on here may have been way too early? My vet said the earlier the better with a large/giant breed to help with aggression and calming them down and whatnot? He has a Pit/Dane mix among other pits and I think a German Shepherd...but he also misdiagnosed his HOD when he was 7mos so I've since found a new vet Butch did two regimens of prednisone and gabapentin for his HOD and since been off for maybe a month. I can tell when he starts to get sore but the limping/falling/refusing to get up has stopped, thus we've decided to stop the prednisone. He still gets gaba when I can tell he's sore or he's been playing too hard.

    Ok, back to business: Butch was doing GREAT with training, passed obedience in May 2018 and as soon as he hears a 'click' he's at my feet ready to sit/lay/roll etc...but he was still humping. Especially large objects like my couch. I actually bought him a 4-ft stuffed elephant to sleep with but he just humps it up and down the hallway. The vet said this behavior would stop as his testosterone levels decreased from the neuter but to this day he still humps. He also had some issues chewing my couch/bed/carpets but we'd been weaning off crating due to what seemed like anxiety issues and he was teething so I gave him a pass. The holes in my carpet were generally if I was gone more than 4 hrs and he was uncrated but again, we're working on his anxiety and 4 hrs was probably too long for that stage and I take responsibility for that. I've upgraded his crate to a full on playpen (sectioning off my dining room actually) and he was great in there! For hours!! He knows bedtime is bedtime and when I turn out the lights he's on the bed and stays there until morning when we go out to potty and get on with our day. If for some reason he needs to potty while I'm sleeping he's gotten good at going into the garage (so long as I leave the door cracked) which is perfect cuz I can just clean it up and hose it out. If I forget to crack it, I have a nice little pile next to it letting me know, at least he tried. He would sit at my feet during tv time and we would go in the field next door and play fetch or walk around the block and he was great. He was snuggly and calm and we'd play tug of war but when I was done (i.e. I felt he was getting a little too aggressive) we were done. I was amazed at how great a dog he was at such a young age

    Welcome to now.....Butch is 9mos and 140#. I left for a trip out of town two weeks ago, Friday pm to Sunday pm. My sister was coming over to watch Butch, thinking it would help his anxiety staying in his home with a familiar face. Now my sister is very loud and in his face a lot which IVE TOLD HER NOT TO BE. We're calm. My house is calm. We keep Butch calm. Alllllll Friday night my sister was BLOWING up my phone about his behavior--jumping and biting and running and zoomies and pulling on his leash and on the bed, off the bed, on the bed, off the bed, barking etc. He snapped two separate leashes. This was soooo out of character so I assumed it was her--you act crazy, the dogs gonna act crazy. Finally my mom just took him to her house. She said he was fine there but she usually crates him at night cuz her own 12yo dauschund is old and cranky and will attack him if he's on the bed. Well I've been back and he's just been a nightmare. He's biting and barking and won't calm or lay down. He jumps on everything. He attacks my cat. He's eaten 3 shirts and a bra and countless flip flops. Like he OPENS MY DRAWERS and pulls them out (I put some old clothes in his playpen for him to chew and sleep with that smell like me but those apparently aren't good enough). He's also eaten more holes in my carpet....when I've been in the shower (20mins max) or sleeping--not even when I'm at work all day or something! Oh and forget the playpen. He REFUSES to go in it. It's an ENTIRE ROOM but no. He'll go right to the door then if you tried to coerce him in he'll lay down (knowing he's too heavy for anyone to move). The biting is the biggest issue (obviously). He literally growls, jumps on me (he's taller than me at this point) and bites me. He hasn't broken skin but my right arm is permanently purple. People at work ask if I'm ok. If I say no (you can't scream he'll get riled, you have to sternly say it) he'll bite at my face. I've never been afraid of him but I'm starting to be and thats a Very! Bad! Problem!

    If it was because I left town--shouldn't he be over it? I've been back two weeks! I understand a blip in our schedule is confusing but it was so short and I made sure familiar faces and places were used (rather than boarding him) and I'm back and have been back. I used to have a squirt bottle for bad behavior and now he just tries to attack the stream of water too. I'm losing my mind here Nothing works. I changed his food a few months ago cuz he was having bad diarrhea, is that it? Does he hate my apartment and I just need to move? He's out in the backyard running and playing ball everyday so I can't imagine its exercise? Hell even if I take him to my neighbors to wear him out (he's got some cattle dogs that run him ragged) he'll still jump on the bed, lay down and then roll over and start chewing on my arm. If I pull away or say 'no' he starts the growling and barking and aggression. WHAT DID/DO I DO?!? This was not the sweet baby I had a month ago ..... Just look at his picture!!

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    I see you posted this more than a year is it going now? My female at 15 months is doing similar things. I could use your advise. No, I will not get rid of her.