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Rescue is guarding me

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  • Rescue is guarding me

    Hi! We rescued a Dane last month... have had him about three or so weeks now. He bonded strongly to me very quickly. The issue with this is that I have two teenage children and whenever heís right next to me and they approach me he growls. He also did this when my friend visited. I am literally terrified to the point of severe anxiety which Iím sure is making the situation worse. But I do t know a way of not being nervous about such a thing. Has anyone experienced a problem like this and successfully solved it? He is otherwise an extremely sweet and very happy dog and doesnít show other types of aggression. He is even very gentle with my cats. He does not do this behavior with my husband? I am not a person to return an animal but this may be a deal breaker if it canít be solved. If anyone has thoughts, Iíd be very grateful. Weíve purchased a ďcalming collarĒ but Iím not sure if that would actually help this particular issue.

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    Enlist the help of a good trainer/behaviorist.. Also let others feed and care from him instead of just you.
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