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  • Great Dane bite

    Hi Iím looking for some advice. Saturday morning our 12 month old male Great Dane bit a young boy at our trailer. We had seen the boy hiding in the bush when he began to approach our sleeping dog. I ran out quickly and warned him he shouldnít be approaching a strange dog and got between the boy and the dog, our dog was shaking and stiff. The boy left and I turned to go inside and what happened after that I donít know, the boy must have came back. The boy screamed and his lip was bleeding and was split. I heard no growling, no barking or not much movement from the dog, as my back was turned. We still donít know if it was his paw, his head that hit the boys lip or an actual bite. We are devasted as besides food aggression which we worked on and seemed to have been solved he has been a great dog. Loves us and our 5 young children who he has been around since we got him at 8 weeks. Over the course of this summer when at the trailer we started noticing some sort of stress when strange kids came around, his body became tense and he would shake. I took those cues and would have the children back off or Iíd take him inside. I donít know what escalated that day but Iím left devastated and unsure what to do. If anyone can offer any advice, would be greatly appreciated.


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    since there is information missing, i am going to assume that the dog was tied up in some fashion. if you saw the dog "shaking and stiff", you should have immediately removed him from the situation and taken him inside with you rather than relying on the child to heed your warning. dogs that are tied outside will many times become very protective of their space. also, i have to wonder if this child (or another) may have, in the past, teased and/or tormented the dog to elicit it's reaction. how long do you leave him outside like this?

    how well socialized is your dog? is he used to children at all? as for what you should do, there aren't any easy answers but i can tell you what you should NOT do and that is to leave this dog unsupervised at any time. never, ever leave him tied out. if there are children in the house besides your own (if you have any), the dog should be either crated or behind a closed door. if you have kids of your own, i would not take my eyes off of this dog for one single second.

    this isn't something that can be solved easily and certainly not by a forum of people who don't now you or your dog. your best option is to hire a good behaviorist to come in and work with you and him.