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  • Aggression problem!!

    I have a beautiful 10-week old great dane, who we brought home at 8 weeks. He is a very calm and happy boy who loves to play and then pass-out on your lap and then repeat. The tenant we have has a border collie who is extremely sweet and friendly to people. Before purchasing our puppy we had a thorough conversation about how the border collie was with other dogs and if she had experience with puppies. We were told that she was super friendly and well behaved with other dogs, especially puppies etc.

    The two dogs have only just met each other as our tenant has been away, but it hasn't gone well, to say the least. Our puppy is very confident, but respectful. He doesn't try to take toys from the other dog, or jump on her or bother her too much. Everytime he approaches her at all though, even in a submissive posture, she curls her lip and gives a serious growl. Then she snaps at him. She's just awful. So unfriendly and aggressive. Today he walked up to her and she really went for him and I had to intervene. Our tenant thinks there is no problem and that she is "just setting boundaries". The neighbours dog came over yesterday and the border collie pinned him to the ground and made savage noises at him. So, I don't think she is great with other dogs in general... I am not blaming her, there is obviously a reason behind her behaviour, I just want to understand so I can help them both be happy and comfortable.

    I'm sure many here have introduced a new puppy to an existing dog so I was hoping for some advice. I am going to assume that the border collie was poorly socialized? Or is she perhaps being territorial? Should we just try to keep them separated entirely? The border collie is also almost never exercised (which is tantamount to abuse in my eyes, especially for a working dog) so I am sure she has a lot of behavioural issues from never being physically or mentally stimulated. I used to play fetch and tug in the yard with her for hours because I feel terrible for her, but I won't have time to do that with a puppy of my own. The border collie also has a lot of compulsive behaviours, she goes into a trance like state and snaps at shadows for extended periods of time or she licks the floor compulsively. I really don't want that kind of anxiety to rub off on our puppy either.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!

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    Do not allow interaction.. bad experiences at this age can cause serious, life long issues....You want all experiences with people and other dogs to be positive.
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