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3 month old puppy behaviour issue

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  • 3 month old puppy behaviour issue

    Hi there, I just got a lab/rotti mix puppy and I have noticed when I grab her collar or try and put a gentle leader on her face to get her used to it sometimes she just freaks out n gets really aggressive trying to go after me. Just wondering what you suggest to snap her out of this behaviour? Right now I canít afford a personal trainer but Iíve been using treats to use to grab collar n treat n get her gentle leader on her, but sometimes she just viciously attacks me. dripping blood once.

    i have her signed up for puppy class next month! Sheís a great puppy other than that random aggression moods at anytime she feels like it.

    Thank you
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    I would not try to use a Gentle leader on a 3 month old puppy... Also don't just grab at the collar... ease in to it.. reward and praise when she lets you touch the collar .... I would be very concerned about her aggressive behavior at this early age.....
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      I second Kahluadanes notion of this behavior being concerning at such a young age. I'm not a behaviorist but I would think correcting an issue like this does not stop and start with trying to attach a lead to the puppy. In my humble experience you have to address this issue in all aspects of her life. She should not get any food, treats, or affection until she earns it. Practicing the NILIF(nothing in life is free)
      ​​​​​training method helps to teach respect and where her place in the pack is. There is a wealth of information online.
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