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Need some advice about bullying

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  • Need some advice about bullying

    Hi everyone! I'm Kristi and this is Logan and Arie
    Logan and Arie.jpg

    Logan loves Arie so much. The feeling is not mutual. Logan is constantly trying to play with Arie and makes her freak out, screaming and running for her life (I know that sounds dramatic but Arie is very dramatic). He's constantly going after her and he's very rough. We've had Logan for about 6 months as he was a rescue. He's about a year and 9 months old. I need help!!! I've tried everything to get him to leave her alone - discipline (not too tough), treats for coming to me, distraction - but he won't stop. It's so bad that when he's pouncing on her, he totally ignores me. I've been thinking about getting a vibrating collar to distract him long enough for her to run, but I'm not always here and we've only got one dog door. They are also not the only two dogs in the house. We have 6 dogs and there is another one (Lab mix) that doesn't mind playing with Logan. But for whatever reason, Logan is completely fixated on Arie. I think it's because she runs from him and makes herself a great toy.

    Any advice on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated.

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