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  • Little help please

    Hello I'm new here and a recently got a 11 week old GD
    im having problems with walking on a leash he puts the brakes on! And refuses to walk, I've tried and easy walk harness, just a collar, lots of positive reinforcement, treats.. and he still won't walk he starts daycare in 2 weeks (I work at a doggy daycare) and I want him to be as prepared as he can.. any advice would be awesome!

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    lots of takes time for them to learn about the leash and about walking on one...let him get use to the leash by putting it on and letting him drag it around (always under supervision of course)..when he gets use to that pick up the leash...if he walks even just a couple of steps praise & reward.
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      It's weird, if I take him to work he's fine. The second I take him out front of my house he just won't walk! I've tried the leash walking out back and he's just fine as well. I have so much to learn this is my first GD. Lol


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        Quick question. What is the difference between the front of the house and the back? Stairs? Road noise (cars)? His hesitation could have more to do with the location than the leash. Because he's young, stairs might be a challenge for him still and having something around his neck with limited length that restricts his movement could be freaking him out. He might do the stairs proficiently, but he may not feel like a pro. Not to mention you are learning each other. Just a thought...


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          Back yard is fenced in. Front is a steet view. But my work is very busy with people, and dogs and he's fine. It's weird


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            I have a 12 week Dane and I was having the same issue last week. Besides taking him to the vet, Duke has not been out in public until fully vaccinated but I have been training him at home. What worked for us were the training treats. I would always have one in hand and have him follow the treat and about every 2-4 steps I would give him one and praise him for 1. not biting his leash and 2. taking a few steps. It also helped to keep the leash extremely short so he was basically at my hip which will be good for when we are ready to go out and he learns to be nsnc with me and not learn to pull. Good luck!