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Dane is destroying the back yard. HELP!!!

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  • Dane is destroying the back yard. HELP!!!

    My Dane is 8 months old and the Husband is ready to give him away. The pup is chewing everything the corner of the house the deck the trees. He is digging everywhere to. How can I stop this before my husband sends him away.

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    RE: Dane is destroying the back yard. HELP!!!

    Hes bored.Go out with him.


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      RE: Dane is destroying the back yard. HELP!!!

      Like Lisa said, he's bored. Go out and play with him. Take him for a good walk. Work on obedience. A good dog is a tired dog. I'm working now so Annie eats the couches and throw rugs. C'est la vie.
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        RE: Dane is destroying the back yard. HELP!!!

        I agree w/what everyone else said about him being bored. He is a puppy and if you leave him out there that is what is going to happen. It can even happen w/the older ones. When I first adopted Roscoe I learned the hard way. I had no idea he could open my French doors. Then they (I think it was Ross) broke thru my screened in porch. I pulled up one day after work and heard barking coming from my back yard! My Danes stay inside while I am gone and I was quite surprised to find them both in the back yard. Ross had opened the doors and Daph and Ross dug holes to China all over the yard! The holes were so big all I could see were their behinds poking out! Apparently, they were smart enough to get out but not back They got bored and dug holes all day. I couldn't believe it. Every now and then when the weather is nice I'll put them in the back for a bit so I can get some stuff done in the house. Ross loves to be outside, but Daph is older and does not other than to go to the bathroom. Never fails, if she is out there for more than 20 minutes she digs a hole. I left the hole so when she digs it is always the same spot. I don't have a problem with that.

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          RE: Dane is destroying the back yard. HELP!!!

          Oh yeah, hes bored. Go outside with him and throw a ball, or run around in circles with him or ANYTHING. Take him for a walk, play hide and seek, anything to stimulate his mind and wear him out. A tired puppy is a well behaved puppy. As far as the digging goes, mine are 5 years old and still love to dig. So in order to keep my yard from being full of land mines, we went to the concrete place here locally and bought 2 tons of sand for like 30.00 and made them a sandpile. They LOVE to dig in the sand, and now dont dig in my yard.
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