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  • Separation Anxiety

    Hi everyone! We are leaving for a 7 day trip this week and leaving Bentley (8 months)at her daycare for boarding. She loves it there so I think she will be fine, but we have never left her alone before. Can anyone share there experience with separation anxiety, is this something I should worry about? What can I do to prevent it? Thanks in advance!

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    RE: Separation Anxiety

    Has she had issues with separation anxiety in the past? I would drop her off and act like it is just a regular day at daycare. If she is already comfortable there, you acting like it's the end of the world isn't going to help. If she has had separation issues in the past...I'm sorry- I'm not the best at suggestions b/c I've never had to deal with it.
    I understand how hard it is leaving, but I'm pretty certain it's harder on us than on our furkids.
    Have fun on your vacation!
    ~ Jill


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      RE: Separation Anxiety

      Don't worry about it. The more you worry the more likely it'll happen. The day you drop her off do it just like always and don't be nervous or do anything out of the ordinary. She will be ok.

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        RE: Separation Anxiety

        I am a pet sitter and the dogs that take the longest to come around are those whose owner drags out leaving & apologies & in some cases a few tears are shed. Since it's a place he's comforable with as was said just drop him off like it's any other day.


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          RE: Separation Anxiety

          >separation anxiety, is this something I should worry about?
          >What can I do to prevent it? Thanks in advance!

          Separation anxiety is something you'd know if your dog had. The dog gets extremely anxious when left alone, demonstrated by severe panting, drooling, pacing and unease.

          Just like kids, when you drop the dog off, leave without fanfare.

          While it might seem odd to act caviler about dropping your dog off for so many nights, it will serve your dog well.

          If you haven't discussed bloat with the staff there, I would confirm their emergency procedures and make sure they are all familiar with the signs of bloat.

          Have fun on your trip!

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            RE: Separation Anxiety

            We have found that using DAP, Dog Appeasing Pheromone works wonders with Trinity.
            We leave her with a housesitter when we go on our 2 week plus sailing vacations.
            I use the plug in wall socket ones, they last 30 days, so I plug it in a week before we leave.

            We also have Rescue Remedy, a flower extract that is very effective, a few drops in her water or drips on a bandana.

            Trinity has been happy and relaxed upon our return, done very well staying in her own house with a live in sitter.