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  • Daisy's Puppy Class

    Hi All

    Just to let you know Daisy's first session at Puppy Class went soo well }( She was soo well behaved :* unlike her usual Zoomie, boisterous, naughty self ;a) She really enjoyed playing with all the other little (they're really really small) dogs & made friends with this really cute Bull Dog puppy same age as her but about the size of her head :9 :9 :9 Daisy was soo cute & let some of the other puppies share her special bowl & cold water (it was a very very hot day on Saturday) No resource guarding here :9

    We feel really comfortable with the trainers & are fortunate that her trainer is a Great Dane breeder so knows all about Danes }( Although the training academy is sponsored by Eukanuba she feeds RAW to her own Danes even a bigger plus!!

    Now, we have a homework assignment & her being a Dane Owner/Breeder makes it even harder for me, we have to provide a few unknown or unusual facts about our Breed, so some great suggestions would be appreciated, please please

    We're taking it slowly & seem to have mastered the recall very well this week (other homework assignment)!!

    She enjoys the stimulation of training & just about passed out for the rest of the day on Saturday!

    Can't wait for her next session day after tomorrow!!!

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    RE: Daisy's Puppy Class

    YAY for Daisy!!!! Congratulations! :e) I know how exciting it is to find out they can be well behaved. I'm glad you all are having fun and things are going well. Although it does make you wonder, if they can behave so well in class, what the *H E double hockey sticks* is their problem any other time?? ;a) LOL Keep us posted on how things go.

    Amanda and Ansel


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      RE: Daisy's Puppy Class

      Haha I think you're going to have a hard time finding some unknown facts about Great Danes, if your trainer is Great Dane breeder! :P


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        RE: Daisy's Puppy Class

        I have one....I started a thread in the Misc. Section asking 'Who the tallest Great Dane ever was'. Seems as though the answer may be a statue in Orlando, Fla. LOL! Hope this works: I think it is an 'unknown and unusual fact' Have fun w/it!

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