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Looking for handling classes in SC (for a total newb)

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  • Looking for handling classes in SC (for a total newb)

    Hello, I haven't posted here since I joined ages ago in 2006. I was hopefully awaiting a chance to own a show prospect pup at that time but it never happened due to some life events. However, I am finally getting my show prospect puppy tomorrow and am looking for suggestions for a handling class in South Carolina or as close as possible. I'm halfway between Columbia and Myrtle Beach, if that helps. lol

    I've looked on the DOL homepage and there aren't any listed in SC at all, and I'm having trouble tracking anything down on line. I really want to learn to do it so I can show myself. Frankly the whole idea of getting into the ring makes me nervous (I'm fairly shy until I'm comfortable in a situation) so I want to be as prepared as possible. I know there are a lot of things that go into showing and I know there's a ton of experience here on this forum. Thanks in advance.

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    Have you looked for your local Great Dane Club? Failing that, look for a local all breed club. My nearest Dane club is 2 hours away, but our local kennel club has handling classes.
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      I did check for local GDCA affiliate clubs that have classes--there's one in Georgia and one in NC that are 4 1/2 and 3 1/2 hours from me respectively. That's a little too far for a weekly class. I did track down an all breed club about an hour from me but wasn't sure what my results would be with a class like that.
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        Try contacting the Greater Columbia Obedience Club,
        I bet they can direct you to handling classes closer to your area.
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          I would find an All Breed club that offers handling classes. I don't know many Dane clubs that offer handling classes but plenty All Breed clubs do. Some training centers/clubs do too.
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            Difficult to Find?

            It may be difficult to find any breed specific trainers in your area but it is the best place to start. If the result query comes up empty, broaden your search to all breeds or look into contacting people in your area with experience with handling Danes.