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    Anyone going to be at the show in Denver on valentines day? I Think I will go up on Saturday to ooh and aww over the beautiful Danes.

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    I'm going up at least one day. Not sure which day. Depends on the time they show each day.


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      Weekend ring times & breed counts:

      Saturday, Feb. 14
      9:35 AM
      Ring 1
      28 10-7 5-6

      Sunday, Feb. 15
      9:05 AM
      Ring 3
      33 12-10 5-6

      'Hope this helps anyone looking to attend!


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        Thank you for the ring times! I am terrible at finding those. Now I need to figure out which day to go.


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          Could anyone with a decent camera film the event? There aren't enough good references online. I'd love to watch a high quality American competition.


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            The judging times are not published until about a week before the show. That is problably why they are difficult to find. Go to and look at the closed shows. Find the show and cllick on it. There is a now a button/link for "Judging Schedule". The schedule shows the ring number and start time. Then look further down on the listing for the ring number for the particular day. If there are other breeds shown before Danes in that ring, you can estimate the time that danes will go in by multiplying 2 min per dog and adding that to the first time shown for that ring. Confused now. Maybe too much information.

            Taking pictures/filming is not allowed for other than your own dogs. Even if someone took pics of all the dogs, DOL would not allow you to publish them on this site.