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  • Lingo?

    The On-line Conformation Clinic is going to be very educational for newcomers like me. But, could someone post a list of definitions? I'd love to be able to understand what you all are refering to when you use certain terms (i.e. topline, stop, too much lip, not enough lip, etc.). Maybe there is a "Show terms" link to this info somewhere that could help the newbies?? Thanks everyone! Can't wait to see pictures!

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    RE: Lingo?

    Read the standard. It explains all that you ask. Top line is the back. It should be straight, not roachy (bunched up). A stop is the short piece from the top of the head between the eyes to the nose. Too much lip means the lips hang down too far from the mouth and not enough lip means the muzzle is snipy looking. There should be some lip to give a squareness to the head.


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      RE: Lingo?

      Check the home page of this site. On the left side list of links you'll find a button called "Dane Conformation." You can also read the "Illustrated Standard" on the GDCA site (


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        RE: Lingo?

        While we are talking lingo. How about definitions for the acronyms we see all the time. eg: IMOSHO & ROFL, etc
        I'm guessing "in my opinion ???", but it would help to know what these stand for as they are used quite often in many posts? Been wondering this for awhile but never got around to asking.

        TTFN (that's all for now)


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          RE: Lingo?

          ROFL----Rolling on the Floor Laughing

          IMNSHO In my not so humble opinion IMO --In My opinion


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            RE: Lingo?

            >While we are talking lingo. How
            >about definitions for the acronyms
            >we see all the time.
            > eg: IMOSHO & ROFL,
            >I'm guessing "in my opinion ???",
            >but it would help to
            >know what these stand for
            >as they are used quite
            >often in many posts? Been
            >wondering this for awhile but
            >never got around to asking.
            >TTFN (that's all for now)

            TTFN means "Ta Ta For Now."


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              RE: Lingo?

              Thanks guys.
              Liz: Sorry, my DUH!! TTFN. What was I thinking??? Was in a rush. Tad embarrassing however...


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                RE: Lingo?

                >Thanks guys.
                >Liz: Sorry, my DUH!!
                > TTFN.
                >What was I thinking??? Was
                >in a rush.
                > Tad embarrassing however...

                All's forgiven - but being English I couldn't let that go by
                without stepping in.<G>