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    I still post sometimes. And even though I haven't had a Dane since joining the board, I have always felt welcome here. I want to thank everyone for that.

    I had always planned on getting another Dane and was beginning to look for rescues about a year ago when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune liver disease, (AIH, autoimmune hepatitis). So, I'm not sure what the future of my health is, so I've made the difficult decision that a Dane, or any other dog for that matter, is not in my future.

    So, I will continue to live vicariously through you guys, if that's okay.

    Chance and Lucy are doing well, except for the aches and pains that are inevitable as they age, (Chance is 12 and Lucy is 10). They still take walks every day, although Chance can only go very slowly about 4 house lengths. But he enjoys it.

    Again, thanks everyone for being so accepting of me even without a Dane.
    Karen, Chance, Lucy and Savanah RB



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      Mister is 6 and a half - sweetness couldn't be sweeter....except when Reeferbob is messing with him.

      Guido is 4 and a half - always the Italian Mafia guard dog, watching out for his pack. Still shakes and is afraid of thunder and loud sounds - so really is quite the puss.

      ReeferBob is almost 8 months old and 96+ pounds of "Wee Beastie" and has absolutely no shame.


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        Haven't posted in a while. Tucker just turned 6. I didn't realize how gray he's getting until I saw my signature picture. Still doesn't act a day over 2! Biggest update: I became a foster failure this year! We've had 50 fosters in 3 years and one finally ended up staying. I posted Rocky's story and update in the rescue section.
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          I haven't been around long, but I'm terrible at participating, usually I just lurk so I'll jump in here if that's okay!
          Spencer is just over 3 years old now, so he is starting to calm down. He gets very very excited when we have visitors, but the amount of time it takes for him to adjust and back off is way shorter now. We bought a house and added a fence, previous owners had a dane so our neighbors are open to us and not put off by an XL breed.
          We've had a histiocytoma removed from Spencer's back and after a ridiculously lengthy and complicated recovery on the wound site, nowadays appears to be all scar tissue with little baby hairs growing back. Ever since the round of antibiotics he was on from that surgery, plus about 1-2 months with the cone of shame we've had some really weird off-and-on digestive problems. We have tried a few different probiotics over the months as the problems return, but have a different supplement on the way to try and will likely change foods (as a last resort, as it was hard enough to find one Spencer's stomach agrees with this well).
          In the three years of Spencer's life we've also battled an averted eyelid and a bee in the eye (Yes!! A FULL BEE in his eye!)
          He's been through professional training before but we are considering going back to try to get a handle on leash manners with strangers. Spencer behaves for hubby and I, but not the poor folks at the kennel!!
          That's about it! Things have been pretty calm aside from that. Our husky/collie mix, Kira, is a perfect angel that never has any health problems, knock on wood. She's probably 6 or 7 (a rescue, so who knows). Would love another dane some day, but 3 dogs would be a bit too much for us right now so I think we will keep 2 as our limit.


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            I see so many familiar faces! Beautiful danes everywhere! This forum has been so insanely helpful with raising our first dane.

            Khan is now 2 and a half! He's an amazing dog and we love him to bits. After his 3 month long fight with pneumonia as a puppy, we weren't sure how he'd grow or develop as an adult. His plates closed early to keep his core alive. Ends up he might be a little short, 31'' BUT he's super healthy and filling out very well. We feel blessed to have him in our lives.

            Now we are on our search to find a reputable breeder and get him a little baby brother! Wish us luck!

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              For some reason we have all April boys - a full blown Aries and two who share a birthday on the cusp of Aries and Taurus.

              Mister will be 7 - oh so sweet in his older years. Will still run with the pup, and is also content to just snooze on his dog couch. I hope he will live another 4 or 5 years. His sire just became 12 in December.
              Guido, our Italian import, will be 5 - the most obedient of the bunch and the "great protector" of the pack.
              ReeferBob, aka "The Wee Beastie" - will be 1. Born in the Year of the Monkey and he is in every way. This is our most challenging and vocal boy - up at the butt-crack of dawn, as in 3:30 or 4 in the morning. Very sweet and loves to be outdoors in most all weather.
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