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  • let's all update!!

    i wanna see some of the oldies on DOL give us updates on their pups, the good, the bad, the ugly. hopefully, they can all be good!

    i'll start...

    olivia turned 9 last april and between monthly chiro visits, in-home cold laser therapy, and adequan injections, she is like a puppy. as sweet as always and i didn't think she could be any more lovable but as she ages, she has become the consummate lap dog. she love it when i lay on the dog bed with her and watch t.v. she is the ultimate spooner!

    destiny turned 7 last april and she is going strong. the winter caught us both with a few extra pounds so i have cut her food back a bit and she is getting more exercise since eden has been here. my spotty girl is still shy around strangers and i don't think that will ever change but she's a real momma's girl and loves nothing better than snuggles on the couch!

    eden...ohhhhh, eden!!! my divine acres girl brings us all so much delight and happiness and for a dog that looks SO elegant, she brings such goofiness to our lives!! eden turned 3 in july and she is a perpetual puppy! play, play, play, zoomies galore and there are always stuffies and toys to trip over. i still have to pinch myself to see if it's all real. i waited for years for one of carolyn's retired girls and she could not have chosen a better one for us!!

    not sure what the problem is with photobucket but i'll post a few pics when i can get there!

    who's next??

    eta to add pics.
    eden, her sexy pose. LOL


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    The girls are doing good. Kumah is going to be 4 in december, she acts older then she is though. I love watching her act like a young pup when the turn her and Nala loose on the trails near my house. She has become more dog aggressive as she gets older. She's much less tolerant toward dog's she doesn't know. We just manage it mostly be not allowing her the opportunity to react, and she typically only gets off leash time with Nala. She doesn't play with other dogs anymore anyways, apparently Nala is the only dog worthy enough of expending the energy lol. She's starting to whiten in her face more. So she's got that iconic "wise old Dane" look that I love about older dogs.

    Nala is, well... Nala. Lol. She's just as mischievous and high energy as the day I brought her home. She's a little over a year and a half old now and she keeps me on my toes. She's still a bit leash reactive. I had at one point gotten a prong collar for her, but I've since started using the Halti again. She's much calmer in the prong collar, but I like the control I get with the Halti. She's gotten into the nasty (and I mean gross) habit of eating poop out of the cat box. We're currently trying to stop that behavior, and her counter surfing is a bit out of control so that's got to be dealt with as well.

    Otherwise everyone is happy and healthy. I've put them back on a raw diet, so they're both loving that. Nala is eating about 2-2.5lbs a day and Kumah is getting a mere 1lb a day. I always laugh when I look at their bowls, because Nala's got a big hunk of meat in hers; and poor Kumah can eat her piece in one bite lol.

    Anyways, that's our update. Can't wait to read what everyone's been up to.
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      Lola is about 5-1/2 years old, mostly lazy with occasional bursts of crazy. She can be dog reactive, which makes me sad. She loves people so much but I avoid taking her out to dog friendly places (restaurant patios, etc) because she makes such a loud scene if she over-corrects another dog.

      My non-Dane Herc is still very puppyish at about 4-1/2. He loves agility so we're having fun with that. This week's class was all tunnels, it was his favorite thing ever!

      Here's Lola napping with our kitty and wrestling with Herc:



      ETA - I don't know why the thumbnail isn't showing up, hopefully clicking on it brings up the larger image...
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        Miss Peach is a little over 2 now. She's doing much MUCH better now in the cooler weather of the fall than she was in the summer, leading me to conclude that my pup is a giant wimp who has severe intolerances to both mild heat and mild cold. Big baby :P

        She's still doing agility with me in our backyard several times a week and with our trainer once a week. She jumps like a champ and is starting to really figure out how to follow the directions I'm giving her. We keep jumps pretty low at home, but one day a week at class she's all the way up to a standard 26 inch jumps, and she springs over it like a champ. We've finally had a bit of success with tunnels, after months of introducing them without forcing the issue she ran inside one on her own one day (we both just about fell over with shock) and she's getting pretty good about going through short tunnels with lots of praise. Also working on weave pole introduction with just 2 posts for now. We also are doing a bit of seesaw & dog walk practice, and we built a wooden bench for her to practice walking across at home. Yay agility puppers!

        Still working intensively on dog reactivity, but it's been MUCH better since we finally got her to accept a head halter. It took about a week to shape it, but she's quite cooperative with putting her nose into it now and I think we're both feeling a lot more confident on our walks. We still can't pass a dog shoulder to shoulder, but we can be much closer to them without having the giant freak out. Yay reactive puppers!

        All good healthwise, she seems to be pretty stable at 33 inches tall and 130 pounds. I think she's preeeetty much as big as she's going to be at this point. Overall, giving an update at this particular time, it looks pretty good over here!

        Oh, and she's still *very* fashionable. She puts up with all my athletic stuff, but we all know her true calling is as a model


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          Athena is 5 1/2 years.

          Good health. Slowed down considerably. Still likes a walk, but only when no precipitation, and about 15 minutes.

          Likes to smell who peed where. She wants to go where highest concentration of pee per sq ft. is!!

          Starting to grey on snout...
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            My Shark puppy turns TWO in just ten days. I so can't believe that. Everything is wonderful and fun with him- we're finishing up a utility prep obedience class, and I'm thinking of entering our first trial (can't decide between OB or rally yet- must discuss with trainer) and if I can possibly arrange it I want to enter him in the next barn hunt trial in our area. They've made Crazy 8s a titling class, so that's a class we can enter and not have to worry about those stupid tiny tunnels- he can just go and find all the rats! Otherwise, he's still a total momma's boy and mostly an asshole haha.

            Fergus turns 4 in February and is about the same. No further health issues since we got the thyroid thing figured out, but his blood test on that should be coming up at some point and I absolutely DREAD it. It took 3 separate trips to the vet last time, and I still have no idea how she managed to sneak in and stick him without us all getting chewed up. He doesn't go on a whole lot of outings these days because there's just no telling how he'll react around all the people- any trips he does make MUST be with the Shark. It makes me sad my happy little puppy turns into a big ball of stress when doing things that he used to enjoy.
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              Hank is 6 1/2 years old now. He is the biggest luv bug and is such a well behaved man with any and all humans. Other dogs and cats, well now that is a whole 'nother story. His reactivity is pretty severe, so we have learned to manage that very well over time. His walks are limited to times when no other dogs and their humans would think of going out. That means lots of early morning and late evening strolls through the neighborhood. Thankfully he seems totally unconcerned with fox, deer, raccoons, owls, etc. Lol.....what a knucklehead.

              His biggest blessing and joy is going out once a week to K9 Nosework classes. He loves going to class and showing off his skills. We have a great instructor and very understanding fellow classmates, so everyone is super conscious of Hank's special needs for space......And they accept him with love and understanding. What a great sport! I highly recommend it.

              This is a picture of Hank when we went to the beach this year. Turns out that he wasn't a huge fan of the water, but he was happy to be able to travel with us and he was super good throughout the entire trip.
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                First the love of my life, my heart, my Festus. He'll be 8 on the 25th of this month. Everything that we have been through with his health I'm thrilled to say he has lived this long. The past few months have been quite hard on him. His body has started to fail him quite a bit his immune system is beginning to win the battle hard to not get a little bit teary eyed typing that out. He has many lumps and bumps some fatty lumps some aren't but at his age and given his health history there is nothing that we can do for him but just love him. His mind is still with him and he is still a very happy boy and completely spoiled rotten. He has also lost most of his eyesight, he is completely night blind so we keep the lights on for him.

                Ginnie my new(er) addition well her brain has finally started to click back on after being a silly teenager and she is flourishing. She is 2 and a half years old now. The things I learned from Festus going through the teenage phase really helped me persevere through her going through it. I told myself on a daily basis she will get her brain back she will! And well she has it is a wonderful thing. She is my little princess she totally rules the household and Festus is madly in love with her it is so cute watching him follow her around always curious as to what she's up to.
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                  so good to see everybody and their puppers!!!


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                    Maude is a little over 2 1/2 and shows no signs of slowing down. She loves to go hiking, play tug, help her dad with yardwork (i.e. get in the way and try to bite the pushbroom) and sleep in the bed with her head on the pillow. Maude also loves to eat pistachios and apples.

                    Maude has always been very healthy so we were shocked when she had her first seizure last week and it was quite scary. The actual event was bad enough, but then afterward she was blind and then barked and wouldn't let us near her for about 20 minutes. After all of that she was back to normal and hasn't had an episode since. Of course we went right to the emergency vet and will probably be going to a neurologist, but as of now the diagnosis is epilepsy. It was the same day we gave her Heartgard and while she has never had an issue, we requested an alternative heartworm treatment from the vet just to be safe. I found a little bit of info on the site about danes with epilepsy so I didn't post about the incident, but I'm grateful for the info I found. Thank goodness for insurance.

                    Anyway, Maude is doing great otherwise and I love to see everyone's updates and pictures!
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                      I suppose my pics from facebook will be huge, but I don't know how to make them smaller here.

                      Mouse is doing great, he will be seven in April but is still springy and bouncy as a pup when we go for runs in the pasture. Mostly he's super lazy, and snuggly, and just wants to be pet, and he's happy. He loves his big wubbies and treats them very gently. He has a bit of trouble with some arthritis in his elbows, but it's not slowing him down much.

                      Raven and Chicken are my herders. Raven is 12 now and much better about not running off to follow her nose (she has a bit of husky in her) but dang, it took 12 years to get to this point! Chicken is my blue heeler and just a peach of a dog. Young yet, at three.

                      Cassie cat is still doing well at 13 years old. She's always been a bit weird, but is a nice unobtrusive cat, likes to snuggle on her terms. She was a feral kitten, and tough to tame, and you can tell she was raised wild.

                      And now, there's Simon. I found Simon as a tiny stray kitten outside my work on October 3rd. Nearly starved to death, I wasn't sure he would make it. He was tough to catch, but started purring about 5 minutes after I did and just held him quiet. He tamed completely in about two days, and recovered quickly with love and good food. Now he rules the roost, oozing confidence and is full of crazy kitten shenanigans. What a great cat he will be, he's currently perched on my shoulder as I write this.

                      Mouse April 2010
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                        Oooooh, Traci your kitteh is adorable! And Feral cats gone tame are always interesting. My breeder has one that came with the house when they moved in. She still prowls and hunts during the day, but comes inside at night to sleep on the dining room table lol.
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                          Asaah is almost 4 1/2 and doing great. We've both adjusted to our new (and hopefully temporary) quarters and are also ready to leave already We are keeping busy with classes. We do nosework, which she is ok at, and also therapy classes. She's doing great with those and is the most popular dog in our class. I kind of feel bad for the husky and the doodle because they really get overshadowed by her a lot lol. We just have our 3 observations to go and she will be a therapy dog! I haven't been able to see Finn for a while and miss my puppy We are going to go visit him tomorrow though. I was not able to bring my cats with my when I moved because my mom has two cats who will not tolerate them. The last time I brought them here I thought I'd come home to a dead cat sooner or later, plus I had to pay to have some carpet replaced because her male cat peed all over it. After lots of tears and disbelief over how many crazy idiots are out there, I found Asher a great home with a retired couple in Ohio (his breeder would not take him back, long and angry story). At the last minute a friend of a friend offered to foster Bella for me, so at least I will get her back when I get a house I almost asked for Asher back for her to foster, but I was getting so many nice emails and videos of him in his new home I could tell they loved him, and I didn't have the heart to do it. I am so glad to have Asaah with me right now.


                          I'd like another Dane once I have a place to live, but I think I'm going to go smaller and get a standard poodle maybe next year or the year after. I may show if I feel I can handle the grooming...hopefully I can get a championship under a year and not have to deal with a continental, or I'll show UKC Or I'll just show a Dane instead
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                            Cleo is 11 years, 5 months. We celebrated our 11th Gotcha day last weekend. She's lazy, but will still zoomie in the park about once per week. It makes my heart smile. Her health is good, but her hips are slowly going. We've done PT, water therapy, cold laser and acupuncture, which has kept her happy and comfortable. Shh loves a good snuggle and demands her Kong around 7pm every night!!


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                              Bae is 2 1/2 years old now. She has calmed down so much. She gets the zoomies about once a day and gets very excited when my husband gets home from work. She loves people and dogs when we are out and about but no one is allowed near our house. She is very protective of me and my son when my husband isn't home. She has been really healthy so far thankfully.

                              Bae "helping" with pumpkin carving
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                              sigpicBae and Chip hanging out together for the first time.