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Do Great Danes relate to each other?

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  • Do Great Danes relate to each other?

    So the weirdest thing I have ever seen happened to me over the weekend. I was taking Lizzie out for her walk (Lizzie is 7 months old)...and I came upon a Sheriff's car by the side of the road near the bike trail where I take Lizzie for her walk. As I got closer, I see the sheriff trying to call these to big black dogs out of the bushes.....yup, low and behold there were two black Great Danes. The sheriff said he has done everything possible to get the dogs to come out, but they just wouldn't come to him. As we approached with Lizzie, one of the Danes came walking over to Lizzie and the other one followed....the sheriff and I just looked at each other and laughed...I said to him "I have no idea" What gives?...was this pure coincidence or is there something real that goes on between them?

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    I think seeing other dogs that are their own size is a bit of a novelty. Titan certainly is far more interested in meeting other Great Danes we see in pet stores versus other smaller dogs.

    Glad you guys could catch them! Did you find their owner?


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      Yes.....there was a contract number on their tags on their collars.....the sheriff called them and they came and got them.


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        Shep seemed extra happy when Iris came home. I agree with the novelty of seeing another xl dog. They were just legs and tails bounding through the yard. Lol


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          Yes!!! Cleo can be dog reactive at times. We did regular obedience for a long time. The class with all Danes was THE BEST she ever did, even with another reactive female. I asked my trainer and she agreed that dogs know their own. Cleo was always most relaxed in that class.


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            Agreed. Zoomer does best playing with other Danes, and pretty much ignores all other dogs if there are Danes around. 😊
            -Lisa (Zoomer's mom)