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    ReeferBob has made himself right at home in these last 3 weeks. The Shriner's cap is gone and the posting is in process. Thinking this little guy is quite intelligent - has learned very quickly things like his name, Mrs NO is in charge, kennel-up, NO Bites!!, and Let's Go!! In the process of learning "Haa-goo" (it's Tling-git for 'come') Ahn-jo (rude Korean for "sit" taught to us by a Sushi chef)
    These are words we use for Mister and Guido too.

    WE have learned this guy needs to be walked and he lets us know when he's he just sits down and that's that. All good. ReeferBob has on his wee bear bells and wants to be just like the big boys. He is a chatty fellow, especially when he is told NO - he has quite a bit to say about it all. I think we've gotten ourselves a cartoon character!
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    He is so cute! I'm very glad you love him. The puppies from your breeder are highly intelligent. His auntie Ginnie is very jealous of his adventures.


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      Very cute!! Now we need a video! (Didn't mean for that to sound pushy )
      Glad he's settling in so well! You two are amazing Dane parents!!