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Bringing a Dane Along To Shows?

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  • Bringing a Dane Along To Shows?

    There is a show today at the Fair Grounds (actual show is indoors), and I would like to bring Gracie with me, but she is not registered to show...just an attendee that happens to be canine

    Do they allow you to bring a non-showing dog?

    The reason I want to bring her is she is a rescue that appeared to have been dumped in the country. She saw a Banfield vet for her initial checkout who is not a dane specialist. I would like to talk to people who are familiar with danes and see what they think about her possible age and possibility of having been used for puppies in the past based on her physique. I would also like to shop with her a bit at the vendors for a loop lead for training. She is a very good girl, great with other dogs and people..a bit of a scaredy cat. Doesn't bark and sticks to me like glue.


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    Most shows don't allow dogs there that aren't being shown. I would leaver her home. Maybe take some pictures along, or see if there's anyone local who would be willing to look her over at another time.
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      The shows around me do not allow any dog other than registered entries to attend. Liability, pest (fleas) and contagious disease control. It's for the safety of all who attend. Approaching a show breeder with your unfamiliar pet standing next to their show girl who is ready to enter the ring would be very un-nerving and possibly detrimental to their performance. At least that's how it was told to me when I thought it would be OK to bring my pet Dane to a show.
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        Thanks everyone! I went alone and it worked out fine. Got some great vet recommendations, which was very much needed.