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    Ok, I've searched, I've seen a lot of minivans and SUVs.

    Our pup comes home in about 3 weeks, he's a cutie and I'm starting to really try to get everything in place.

    Currently I have a Nissan 370z ( 2 seater), no hope for a dane. I'm exploring other options but I'm just not ready for a huge car.

    I will say that my car will not likely be our primary dane mobile but I want something in case of emergency that I can get the dog to the vet.

    No kids in any stretch of the imagination right now.

    So, small car people (coupes hopefully) how big is your dane, what does he or she fit in to and do they seem comfortable.

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    We have a 2006 Scion xB. Two Danes (133# and a tall 145#) fit in the back with the seats folded down.
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      I have a Lexus IS 250 and Zara fits in the back just fine.... she is a bit on the smaller side (9 months and only about 90lbs). But she can stand up and lay down just fine. Just like you said though... my car is not the primary. My boyfriends Toyota Tundra is the dog car.
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        I have a dodge stratus and both dogs fit in the backseat, but only one at a time. If we want to take both anywhere, we have to drive separate. I'll be getting a Nissan Rogue (company vehicle) and both should fit in that.
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          I drive a Honda Accord, it is the sedan but Wally fits just fine, he can't really stand up great but there is room to turn around and lay down.
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            Just wanted to update: I put both Finn and Asaah in the back seat of my car today for the first time. We got the, both in there, but it wasn't pretty. Slobber everywhere
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              We have a Suburban from when we had all 3 dogs, but I've been looking at fuel efficient commuter cars lately to replace our Ford Fusion Sport, which does fit one dog fine in the back seat, but can't fit both. I'd like to be able to bring them both on short trips without driving the behemoth Suburban...

              I think our two (100# Dane & 70# Weim) will fit in a Mazda 3 or Honda Fit type car with the back seats folded down. Other things in this small hatchback class are Nissan Versa and Scion xA (I think?), and a little bigger is the Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe but they stopped making those a few years ago so you'd have to be okay with an older model.

              I'm leaning towards the Mazda 3, because I'm used to a more sporty car and I test drove a 4 cyl Matrix a few weeks ago and it was really painful to get on the highway...
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                I have a Honda CRV and Murphy fits great in the cargo area....even with the back seats up.

                He's about 38" tall, 170 lbs

                A friend has the Honda Fit, and he even fits great in that (with the seats folded)! Hondas seem to have a deeper floor base than a lot of other cars I've seen.
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                  I used to have a chevy S10 extended cab. The girls (all I had were female danes at the time) that sat in the backseat area would all load in facing front and sit and then the princess(oldest dane of the group) would sit in her front seat. I am sure people thought it was like a clown car because depending on if I had my friend's dane or not....4-5 danes piled out when we got to the store or park or wherever. That's what happens when you plan for two danes and get calls from vet clinics that have abandoned dane pups with parvo and they tell you to come get them or they are putting them down.


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                    I have a mini cooper lol she fit when I got her but now would probably have to open sun roof and let her stick her Head out it lol 😁


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                      our boy is 37 inches tall and 165 lbs! and we ride comfortably in the Camaro.
                      now if we take the kids then he can't go and its not because he wont fit but because the twins scream he squishing me!!!
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