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Minnie turned 7 Months Yesterday

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    Originally posted by dn89lx View Post
    I have always loved the pictures in your signature of Andross. Such a good looking boy. I would have never pegged him to be 5 from the picture.

    He definitely was thicker back at 1.

    Oh yeah - I am not complaining either...she is a great girl regardless of size. Would love for her to get to be closer to the 120's and a little taller, but whatever will be, will be. Definitely not going to try to "fatten" her up in any way at this age.
    scary how he was thicker at 1 year. but now is nearly the same weight. bout 120 in that pic. he had a rough kennel cough episode this year that set his weight back majorly cuz he got so sick. gaining it back has been tough.
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      At 18 months, Ferg is 33" (and has been since about 9 months, I think) and has been hovering around 120-130 for the last 6 months or so. I assume since his growth has been stalled there for so long that he is done, and this will be his final adult height, even though he might put on a bit more weight. His brothers are much taller (3" or more, I believe) but they don't have his head, his lip, or his stocky, muscular build. I'm sure they will eventually catch up to him in those aspects, but I prefer Ferg's build to the other boys, even if he does look like a midget lol. The funny thing (to me, anyway) is that my breeder had a litter of pups by the same dog, from a bitch related to his mom, and some of those boys are just flat out HUGE. That litter just turned 1 last month, and some of those boys had passed Fergus in size by about 7 months.
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        Originally posted by Greenmagick View Post
        Danes all grow at different rates. I am pretty sure Ivy was around 75lbs at 6 or 7 months. She fully matured at a bit over 32" and 130lbs.

        I dont know that they are really smaller. I think we know more about feeding them correctly for SLOW and steady growth and yeah, memories are weird things. People exaggerate size, we remember things from when we were children in relation to our child sizes, etc. Plus, as you get used to your own dogs size it starts seeming really normal...I never think of my danes as huge dogs. And for Danes they are not HUGE, but they are perfectly average sized danes which are still really big dogs.

        I'm the opposite apparently, ha ha, I think I am remembering Kahuna as smaller than she really was. I've been around some Danes recently that look huge to me and then when I hear that they weigh less than Kahuna did and are shorter, I am shocked. I told a Dane rescue coordinator recently upon meeting his Danes (with Zoomer with me), that I didn't think Zoomer would get as big as his dogs. He kind of looked at me funny, and said I shouldn't be too sure of that.

        I feel like I've gotten used to my "scaled down" Dane puppy and can't picture him all grown up!
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          The more I think about our 'freak out' convo, the more freaked out I feel..

          Here I was thinking Apollo was so much older..

          Okay, der-duh-der.

          Anyway, I think both Titan and Apollo are around Minnie's weight.. Give or take 10-15 pounds.. right? Apollo will be 7 months on the 26th and is about 80lbs now, and I think a little over 28" (If I remember correctly).

          I kinda feel like you're going to feel some of the gravity of how large Minnie really is once you get your rescue lab. Every time I bring Apollo around another dog, or just see one for that matter, it always makes me think about how accustomed I've become to his size.. I mean, shoot, my 6 1/2 month old puppy weighs nearly as much as I do!
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            Titan will be 7 months on the 15th he's pushing nearly 100 now... I'll have to get him to the store to get an accurate weight... He was 88 lbs 3 weeks ago.

            Either way don't stress over her weight she may surprise you....
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