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Sweet and Proud moment with Cleo (might need tissues)

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  • Sweet and Proud moment with Cleo (might need tissues)

    On Friday, I had a bad day at work (I work on the cardiac unit at Phx Children's Hospital). One of our babies died unexpectedly...was just working with him and his mom the day before. And a bunch of little things went wrong, so was just CRABBY at the end of the day when I went to pick up Cleo at daycare.

    The manager of the daycare pointed out a woman leaving the vet's office (next door) and said, "She just lost her dane and is here picking up her ashes." She was carrying THAT box that none of us want to see. We went outside to go to our car, when this woman cried out, "Can I come say HI?" Of course. She told me the story of her dane, Lucy, who was only 1 month older than Cleo. She was crying. Cleo just nuzzled her head on to the woman's chest and reached up to kiss her. Then we BOTH started to cry. Even the people at the daycare were tearing up.

    That immediately changed my bad mood....a little perspective did the trick. So proud of my sweet Cleo for knowing what that woman needed. The daycare staff say it was Lucy's way of sending a message of love to her mom.!!

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    Tears for sure! Thank you for sharing!
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      What a great story! So glad you shared....what an amazing moment for all three of you.
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        oh darn.... I just turned into a cry baby at work...

        thanks for sharing and what a great story.
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          I had a dog previously that always seemed to know when someone needed some love! Part of the reason I fell in love with the breed [emoji4]
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