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Need help finding best dog house

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  • Need help finding best dog house

    Any advice on whats the best dog house to get ? i was going to get an xl igloo type today but it didn't look tall enough ? it looked like my GD would have to crawl into it. Brands/sizes/stores opinions greatly appreciated!! ( not that i think she will EVER use it but i just want one)

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    Don't waste your money, unless you plan on going in the doghouse yourself. Then mybe your dog would want to go in it. Where you are is where your dane will want to be, and should be.
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      My husband built a custom dog house for our dogs, and Ranger spends most of her outside time under the doghouse (it is built on a platform, and she's dug out a little pit for herself underneath it). Sarge and Daisy hang out on the porch, but rarely inside.

      So anyway, my point is that you could probably just build them a covered area rather than a dog house and save some money. Or buy a Tuff Shed...
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        We have a 2800 sf rambler with plenty of couch space and dog beds. When the weather is nice enough Maverick makes his own "dog house" by digging himself a big hole and getting nice and dirty before coming back in for some attention.
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          I put Ferg's big outside bed under a shade tree. He is 100% content with that. He has somewhere cool and comfy to lay while he gnaws on his bone or whatever, he's out of my daughter's way while she plays, and he can easily see his whole yard.

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            I'm having my brother build me one . Hazel likes to run and play outside a lot so she is out there quite a bit and I can't be out there as long as she likes me to be. Who am I to deny her being outside, having fun, while I'm inside doing things that have to get done. .