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  • "Rough" coat?

    Last time I was at my vet, he marveled at how smooth and soft Maggie's coat is. He told me that most Dane and Mastiff type dogs he's dealt with in the past have rougher coats, almost prickly. He also admitted that most of those dogs were adults.

    She is very silky and shiny. She's almost like velvet, even when her fur is pet backwards.

    Is this something she may keep her whole life? What is your dog's coat like now and during puppyhood?

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    Mouse's coat is velvet-smooth and very soft. People remark on it all the time when they pet him. "He's so SOFT!"

    It was rougher when we got him at 14 months because he was on some crap food and was blowing coat, but it was still relatively soft. I'd say your girl will be a silky one all her life. You will be able to tell when something's not quite right if she becomes less silky, if that makes sense.
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      In general, most puppy coats are softer/smoother than adult coats.

      Athena has a velvet coat at 6 months old but I know it will be a little rougher once she blows her puppy coat and gets her adult coat in. Her parents have nice coats, but not velvet like hers is now...

      That said, some adults do have very soft and smooth coats. Depends on genetics, health, diet, shampoo/conditioner etc.
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        I think each dog is different. Carlie was super smooth and soft. Ayla is soft, but some of her hairs are actually fuzzy if you look closely. Both on a raw diet. Carlie's fur was very straight, and we often got hair splinters in our feet from her. I think each dog is different. They both have what I would consider a short coat.
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          After Macho blew his puppy coat, his adult coat was rougher. He also started developing atopic dermatitis. I switched to grain-free and a couple months later started giving him liquid salmon oil with a high concentration of omega 3s. After 1-2 mos his coat was velvety again. At first I could smell a hint of salmon from his coat and going, "Woohoo assimilation!" After a little while I couldn't smell it anymore, but I'm sure it's still present.

          My favorite spot is on the side of his face between his eyes and ears. One of my friends calls it, "Dah velvettttt!"
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            Deacons coat is hard, tight and super shiny. He is impossible to get wet in a bath almost. He doesnt even soap up worth a flip. He is very slick, but his coat is somewhat stiff.

            Noodle is also somewhat hard and tight on his back especially, but for some reason his hair is thin along his low sides and belly. I love how he feels, sort of like I imagine a baby seal would feel.

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              I'm sure diet can make a difference. I wonder if coat color has any impact? It seems like the black Danes I've met have been softer, while the fawns (mine included) are more rough.


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                Interesting. My Chaos was a fawn Dane/mastiff and was pretty rough. I also knew a lot less about giant breeds back then and had her on Purina One.

                Maggie, while still a pup, is (mostly) black and on TOTW.

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                  We give all three of our dogs a fish oil caplet. It has helped tremendously with their coats are smooth and silky! They think it is a treat and love to bite into them, it lets the fish oil run into their mouths!!
                  Also, we only bathe them about once a month unless they get messy; but brush them almost daily!
                  I agree, diet also plays a big part in their look of their coats and skin.
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                    Overall, Gunther's coat I think is pretty soft. But about from his hips to his tail is pretty coarse and almost kinky looking. I'd say overall his back has the least softness to it. But his head, front of his neck and chest are very soft and velvety.

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                      Both my danes had a harsh almost wiry coat. I would get terrible fur splinters from Isis' hair, they were almost like quills. Venus coat totally changed when I switched her to home cooked. It is soft, velvety and her bald spot (stud tail) filled in after about 2 years of being completely bald. I don't know if Isis would have benefited as she passed before I started it, but I do believe she would have. I always had them on premium and even grain free foods, just goes to show you that even premium kibbles are still just kibbles compared to fresh natural foods.
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                        Dollar's coat is stiffer, but still soft and very shiny (when he's clean). He has much softer fur on his face, ears, and belly. Since we've moved, he's a big dirt bag! It's interesting to think that possibly color may have something to do with it.
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                          Bain is pretty velvety, especailly along his back. Sometimes I will just take the palm of my hand and run it lightly back and forth (kinda like you do to a man with a shaved head haha). Especially right over hsi shoulder blades lol.

                          Quinn has soft fur too, but not like Bains. Her's is very short and lays really flat. Bains kinda fluffs up along his back, even though the hair there is no longer than the ones on his sides.

                          Trinity feels like rabbit fur (sometiems the way she bounces like a ball I think she may be part rabbit actually lol). Always has, seems like she always will. Her fur is longer than Bain and Quinn's, but it's not what I would consider 'long' per say. She isn't as soft as she was when I first got her though, but she's still super soft.
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