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  • "Games"

    What are your favorite games to play with your pup? I mean, there is the typical fetch, tug, etc but what else?

    One of our favorites is well, I dont have a name for it lol. Basically I stand in one room and give the cue "out" As this is not a normal room she is told "out" from usually she knows immediately "game on". As she runs full speed out, I call "come" to which she spins around and comes running back. We do this over and over and over lol. Not even really sure how we came up with it, just one night started playing around and we started this. She really loved playing this down at the ILs farm...sent her "out" into the fields and to make recall more fun she had to catch me

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    Cas's absolute FAV game is a classic. He brings me Myfanwy (His pterodactyl toy), we tug it for a few seconds then I give the release command. I get him to jump for it a few times then throw it down the hallway. Cas goes BOUNDING after it, pounces Myfanwy, then comes trotting back with his "kill" for me to do it all over agian. He LOVES it.

    As you can see here:

    Do ignore the meatloaf in the background. I was doing dishes and can't do them in the quiet so I throw on music. Just happened to be Meatloaf night tonight!


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      We just full on love to wrestle on the bed. Guy asks Scarlett "wanna wrestle?" and her eyes bug out of her head and she beelines for the bedroom. Her favourite is when we hold up the covers - she shoves her face into the covers and then we bury her in them. Also we stand at the edge of the bed and hold the duvet out so it looks like there is more room for her to walk - so she ends up walking off the mattress. Now she's wise to that one and stays back and paws at us instead. What really gets her "mad" is when you try and zerbert her bum when she's not looking, or if you take a toy and whack it on the bed really hard. Now, when Guy holds the toy up in the air for several seconds before whacking it, she starts doing these super high pitched barks. It's hilarious. Oh, and you have to put your hands under the covers and grab at her feet. She hates that!!

      Here's a video - we should do a new one with all the new "moves." [ame=""]Scarlett the great dane loves to wrestle with her daddy-o. - YouTube[/ame]
      Katie & Scarlett


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        ours loves the sprinkler.


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          Ahhh yes, the hose is a never ending source of fun for ivy


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            Love the video of Scarlett...we play a game similar to that too. Besides Tug(her favorite game ever), she also likes to play tag...I will chase her through the house, then turn around and run...she;ll then chase me, and I will abruptly stop and make some funny noises, to which I will then chase her...the cycle repeats, LOL.Hard to describe but she loves it. She talks back at me with her growly voice when she catches me too.

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              Oh I rememberEd another one. When the kids start running or riding through the house in circles ivy will join it but she always goes to find a stuffie first. When she was gong she would get overexcited and start mouthing when the kids ran around screaming so we always gave her a stuffy to occupy her mouth. It stuck.

              She also LOVES playing with the rats through the cage. She will lean up against it and they will come up and like her through the bars. She will then spin and try to "catch" them while the run up and down the levels and in and out of hammocks etc while poking at her lol


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                With Jersey we play "grab your feet" and she smacks us with her front feet while hiding the back from us, then she hides them all under her until she doesn't have any while she attacks us with her muzzle, and then she gives up and rolls over for belly rubs.

                Nero loves running up and down the stairs between us if we call him and goes into full super dangerous zoomies. This usually happens post bath.


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                  Let me see if I can explain this clearly...we have a little round about area that goes through the kitchen through the dining room into the forms a circle. Zia loves to spy on me when I'm in the kitchen. She'll be eyeing me and kinda stalking towards me, then I act surprised and actually "get her!" She then runs from me and hides on the other side...she LOVES it. We can really get going with this game...continuing to take turns chasing each other through the round about!

                  ....and she absolutely LOVES to do martial arts with me!!! I do actually punch and kick her (like a kickboxing move) and she barks, bites at me and dodges me! She loves when I jab her in the side - she loves it....and starts doing "donuts" as my son calls them! LOL! I know "LOL" is so overly used, but just thinking it and describing it is making me really laugh out loud because it sounds a bit...wrong, but it's completely humane! I honestly think that b/c we play this game, Zia has really learned great bite inhibition...she has the softest mouth ever!!! I think she's also learned a TON of self control...if she wanted to, she could totally take me out! She NEVER has overstepped her limits! She lives (and loves) to rough and tough with me! So does my son!


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                    at night before bed we go into my room. my husband and 2 yr old are on the floor on one side of the bed, xena and i are on the floor on the other side of the bed. we turn off the lights and turn on these glowing flashing light balls. we toss the balls back and forth over the bed. xena likes to catch them too, but i have to throw them for her
                    both her and my son love it! we play hot potato with the glowing balls, catch, keep away. its alot of fun! and xena is very good about giving me the balls she catches...not chewing them up! hehe
                    xena and her dane friend duchess
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                      Magnum's favorite is the "Chase Me" game too. I have skid marks in my carpet from his nails. We do "Find It" in the mornings after he eats breakfast. I will hide one of his treats somewhere and he has to find it. He is getting so good I am running out of places to hide them. We also play with lazer pointer. He always tries to chase the red dot and step on it.


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                        Great idea for a thread
                        Its easy to forget the importance of play, but the more you play with your dog, the more you bond, the more you understand their specific motivations, the more the dog looks to you as a resource... Its all good!

                        We have too many games to list, but one of Breez's favorite, favorite games is to find my daughter. I put Breez outside or in a room and DD hides - like really hides, under a bed, in a closet, or outside she goes into ravines and up trees. Then we turn Breez loose and tell her to find DD. Breez is too funny, gets such a kick out of finding her.
                        Its actually how we got her through the tunnel and chute in agility. Finding "her" kid was more motivating to Breez than hot dogs! In fact that's also how we got her back in the chute after she got spooked on it - had both kids we me in class, and we put one kid IN the chute, and the other on the outside end of it. Breez went right in
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                          These games are all great.

                          And yes, that was kind of my point....realizing how many different things motivate a dog. Our "out and come" game is great for proofing recall in areas like the farm...its such an ingrained pattern to her at this point it just clicks in The hose, well, we use that for fun of course, but it also teaches impulse control as most often we are using it to water the garden and she is not allowed to jump and snap at it or pounce where the water is landing then Chasing the kids, again, impulse control. She gets riled up but checks herself by grabbing a stuffie and does not actually pounce on them or knock them over in the craziness.

                          And yep, most importantly, it strengthens the bond between human and dog


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                            This is the cutest post ever!

                            Well my Retriever Trooper is obsessed with one game ONLY of coarse, retrieving anything and everything for hours on end....

                            and my GD Gus, he's so goofy I spray the hose all over the yard (on hard spray so the stream goes far, and all over the yard), and he follows the water and tries to catch it hahaha. Good way to tire him out!
                            - Bina & Trooper & Gus


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                              I might start to cry typing this because it brings back such great memories with Zeus, but here goes. He LOVED to play hide and seek. I would hide somewhere, and my husband would say to Zeus, "Where's Mommy?" Zeus would sniff me out and whine at my hiding spot. Then when I'd come out of hiding he'd get all excited and prance while I gave him some vigorous scratchies and told him what a good boy he was.

                              He also liked to play "hands under the covers." It really doesn't have a name, but that's the best name for it. Zeus would be laying on the bed, and I'd put my hand under the comforter and slowly move it toward him. He'd play bow at it and kind of dance a little while trying to nose it out from under the covers.

                              Yep, I'm crying now. I love him so and miss him everyday.
                              RIP my sweet Zeus Boy. I'll always love you. 08/28/01 - 08/23/11
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